Written by Nadia Kamil


E-petition, e-petition, e-petition

The relentless of online requests for signatures and solicitude has left Nadia Kamil concerned that she may not be worried enough about the future of Holland.

Claire Jones E-Petitions

Illustration by Claire Jones.

There are many, many terrible things going on in the world and they make my heart crumble in my chest. Most of us try to do what we can in the way of keeping informed, donating, signing petitions, listening to those affected, doing a little dance, making a little love, getting down tonight and so on.

Or we try to ignore it because it’s so depressingly wearying it makes it hard to get on with your treat of buying the three gin and tonics in a can for £5 for your morning commute (I work at home. What you do on your commute is your business).

Occasionally I am optimistic, driven by positivity and the idea that every little helps. During those periods I sign a lot of petitions. But when those periods have exhausted themselves the petition emails still come rolling in. Every day. Without the feeling of optimism, when depression has set in, these petition emails all feel like a personal accusation.


Delete. Delete. Delete. When you feel like your own life is a shambles it seems like colossal arrogance to assume you can go about fixing the myriad problems the rest of the world has. Delete. Delete. Apologise to your inbox. Delete.

Maybe this doesn’t happen to you. Maybe you can carry the woes of the world’s injustices in a backpack and still cycle to work without swearing at a motorist. Maybe you don’t give a flying one about any of it if it doesn’t affect your life directly. You must be so relaxed. Or maybe if you can’t care about global injustices you end up getting furious about the neighbours using your bin and you’re just as stressed out.

At such times, when everything gets a bit too much, this is what all these emails look like to me:

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Written by Nadia Kamil

Nadia is a Welsh-Iraqi writer, actor and comedian. She's into crafts, social justice and buffets. @NadiaKamil