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Episode 6

This week, Outlander super-fans Maureen Younger and Jen Brister ponder why Claire is so hot-headed, why Jamie is so romantic and why Geillis has such ridiculously unflattering outfits.

Episode 5

Outlander super-fan Maureen Younger and series newbie Jen Brister rewatch the show while it’s off air. Will Maureen’s zeal for historical shenanigans rub off on Jen?

Episode 4

More Outlander-related chat from SIM contributors Maureen Younger and Jen Brister. These week they’re discussing those sex scenes, but not everything goes to plan.

Episode 3

How is Maureen Younger surviving Droughtlander? Has Jen Brister got the time-travel-romance bug yet? Join them for more Outlander-themed chat and funnies.

Episode 2

SIM contributors Maureen Younger and Jen Brister return with a second episode dedicated to Outlander, which Maureen loves and Jen is watching for the first time.

Episode 1

What does Maureen Younger do when Outlander, her favourite TV series OF ALL TIME, is off the air? Get show newbie Jen Brister in for a chat and a rewatch, of course.

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