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Welcome to our new podcast

Exciting news! Today we launch a new podcast – Strong Female Leads – about nerd culture, women and women in nerd culture.

Rey and Finn

Photo: LucasFilm/Disney

Two of our ace contributors – Debra-Jane Appelby, a standup and writer, and Kate McCabe, comedian and writer – have teamed up to create Strong Female Leads. It’s a podcast about all different facets of nerd culture, including comics, games, cartoons, films and tech. And just like the concept of feminism, it’s for everyone.

Debra-Jane has been a gamer since Pong and a nerd since comics were in black and white, while Kate ran out of storage space for her comic collection 10 years ago. But that hasn’t stopped her.

In SFL, they’ll be looking at news, talking to guest stars and starting lively debates, which means there will always something to geek out about.

You can listen to the first episode here. It’s fab.


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Written by Standard Issue