Written by Hannah Dolan


The Weekend’s Top 5

Easter eggs, art, and blood and guts: Hannah Dolan gives us a rundown of the weekend’s traditional and not-so-traditional events.

painted Easter eggs
Easter Sunday Scavenger Hunt
Where: RSPB Lake Vyrnwy Reserve, Powys
When: Sunday, 11am-4pm
Cost: £3 per child
Get your beady eyes out and have a poke around the sculpture park as you follow the clues. Look out for the Easter Bunny; he’s apparently super good at knowing where things are hidden. Plus he’s 100 per cent the real-ass Easter Bunny. Exchange your treasures for tasty treats for the magic (sugar rush) to really kick in.
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What: Blood Bar
Where: City Art Centre, Edinburgh
When: Saturday
Cost: Various
Calling all gross-out fans! At the Blood Bar you get to touch a real heart (how old is it? I don’t know), make your own scabs and if you’re not already dry-heaving at those two options, you can also mix your own gooey blood clot. Mmm… clots. You can also find out what the deal is with cuts and bruises in the Scab Lab. THE SCAB LAB.
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tall ship
Tall Ships Festival
Where: Greenwich & Woolwich, London
When: All weekend (ends Sunday)
Cost: FREE
My pals Dave and Ed are tall guys. If I told you and then you saw them you’d say, “Yes, they are tall guys.” But Dave and Ed aren’t even half as tall as the tall ships at Tall Ships Festival.
There are lots of bits and bobs going on, all ship-related of course, but what you really want when you go to a festival with such a name, is to see some tall fucking ships, right? WELL YOU CAN! Every day at each location there will be different tall ships for you to hop aboard and touch up. It is fun for all the family so it is.
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How Much of This Is Fiction?
Where: FACT, Liverpool
When: All weekend (ends 21 May)
Cost: FREE
I got the fear when I read about this exhibition. The artists are tricksters and the exhibition includes work that uses deception and trickery AND THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME COMFORTABLE ONE BIT. I once had a dream where I needed the loo in an art gallery but as soon as I started to go all the cubicle walls fell down and everyone was tutting at me. No one wants to be humiliated in an art gallery.
But I’m sure this is a safe kind of trickery. The exhibition focuses on politically inspired media art that uses deception in all its forms. Oh god.
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What: Velvet Rope
Where: HIP Gallery, Hull
When: All weekend (ends 30 April)
Cost: FREE
Hull has got a billion things on at once this year, on account of it being the UK Capital of Culture 2017; more events and exhibits than any puny human could possibly handle alone.
This one in particular caught my eye: a selection of screen prints by Hull’s own agit-prop artist Richard Lees, exploring the very ‘them and us’ culture of the haves and the have-nots, the real and imagined horrors of privilege and wealth and the increasing divide between the elites and the rest of us. It’s at a place called the HIP Gallery which sounds like a perfectly appropriate venue to start a class war.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.