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The Weekend’s Top 5

Science, art and beans. Now that’s what Hannah Dolan calls a weekend.

Deanna Petherbridge art
Deanna Petherbridge: A solo show of pen and ink drawings from across a 45-year career.
Where: Whitworth Gallery, Manchester
When: All weekend (ends 4 June)
Cost: FREE
“HOLY COW, this broad can draw!” I exclaim to no one, through cigar-clenched teeth, wiggly eyebrows and a voice I don’t recognise. I like this lady; in the promo video for this exhibition she states, “I hope, in some way, it’s going to be a horrific drawing,” and I’m sold.
She’s talking about her latest piece The Destruction of the City of Homs, a representation of the Syrian city in 2016. If you like your art crazy precise, slightly abstract and full of light and shade then Petherbridge is the gal for you.
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What: Edinburgh International Science Festival
Where: Various locations, Edinburgh
When: All weekend (Ends 16 April)
Cost: Various
If I were in Edinburgh right now I’d be booking a shedload of things instead of telling you about it. An Introduction to Bacteria? Yes please. City Farming? Yu-hu. Dr Bunhead’s Rubbish Pop-Up Puppet Show? Of course! Hospitals of the Future? Oh god, I’m so scared, but yes.
There’s something for everyone, from free family-friendly fun to intense discussions about superhumans. Don’t be alarmed if you leave with a slightly larger head. Full of new knowledge and thoughts, mate.
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Where: Museum of Liverpool, Liverpool
When: Ongoing attraction
Cost: FREE
Let your little humans splashy-splash, learny-learn and hopefully grow to become good eggs rather than the most dreadful of turds. This interactive watery funtime place is based on the river Mersey and surrounded by landmarks they might recognise.
They get to play with sailing boats, dinky cars and fish for marine animals and rubbish (yuck). As well as being an utterly adorable name, Liverpuddles is designed to get them to understand their responsibility to the wildlife by helping to keep their city’s water clean.
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baked bean tins
Beanz Meanz Heinz Pop Up Bar
Where: Selfridges, Oxford St, London
When: All weekend
Cost: £3 per dish
BEANS?! Yes! I love baked beans. I love them with toast, with potatoes, with crumpets. I love them in a casserole, in my hands, in my mouth, in my tummy. In my house the phrase ‘oh, beans’ is used in celebration of remembering something or in dismay at some not so good news.
Heinz is celebrating 50 years since some clever sausage came up with the ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan so there’s going to be a pop-up shop in Selfridges where you can gorge on bean dishes and buy limited edition cans. Yummy yummy beany-beans.
We eat Branston beans here but whatevs mate, beans is beans.
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Laing Art Gallery photo by Mark Smiles.

What: (S)he
Where: Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle
When: All weekend (ends 26 April)
Cost: FREE
An exhibition focusing on all the single ladies, all the hot mammas and then also all the women who don’t fall into either of those two restrictive categories as featured in the gallery’s collection. This exhibition takes you from the 16th to the 21st century, which is where we are now (I looked it up), examining the role of women in art and challenging gender stereotypes.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.