Written by Hannah Dolan


The Weekend’s Top 5

Photography and ceramics and zines. Now that’s what Hannah Dolan calls a weekend.

Susan Calman photo by Steve Ullathorne.

What: Glasgow Comedy Festival
Where: Various Locations, Glasgow
When: All weekend (ends 26 March)
Cost: FREE
Glasgow Comedy Festival finishes on Sunday! Last orders for laughter folks, drink up as many ‘teeheehee’s, ‘bahahaaaa’s and ‘hoho’s while you still can! Shows this weekend include the brilliantly funny actual Scots Janey Godley and Susan Calman, among many others.
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Format International Photography Festival
Where: Various locations, Derby
When: All weekend (ends 23 April)
Cost: Various
Hey you guys, with your digital cameras! And you, with your ace Instagram skills. Oh! And YOU! With your fit Hasselblad! Get your cute behinds to Derby and step into a swarm of exhibitions, talks, tours, workshops, films and parties. You want it (if it’s something to do with photography)? You got it (if you find what you want to go to and then go to it).
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What: Leeds Zine Fair
Where: Leeds Central Library, Leeds
When: Saturday
Cost: FREE
Zines! ZINES! ZIIIINES! What a silly word. Kanye West knows what I’m on about:

Zines are still a thing, more than ever it seems. And if you love them, or want to love them, then head to Leeds Central Library. Swap zines, meet zine artists, create your own zine and listen to open-mic zine readings.
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cute ceramic cups
London Ceramics Market
Where: Hackney Flea Market, London
When: Saturday and Sunday
Cost: FREE
OH MY G! I want those mugs with the little faces on so so much! If you’ve been following my weekly articles you may have noticed I have a huge boner for ceramics. If you show me something ceramic there’s an almost certain chance that I’ll greet it with a full-on grin and then I’d dash off after clocking you around the head and yoinking it out of your mitts.
The market showcases more than 60 ceramicists and DIY potters, but be careful, if you’re anything like me you’ll be smiling so much your face will shatter like the beautiful but oh-so-fragile crockery.
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Where: Museum of London Docklands, London
When: All weekend (permanent exhibition)
Cost: FREE
What the what? Sailortown, kid, that’s what. Museum of London Docklands has tons of ace shit going on. A lot being permanent exhibitions, like Sailortown, which is an area of the museum turned into a twisty, turny, ramshackle district of 1840s London.
Take in the sounds and sights and, for some reason, the smells that Victorian London had to offer. From rope-makers to printers and animal trade shops to brothels. “Mummy, what’s a brothel?” your sweet child may ask and then you can have a serious talk with them. Not sure the brothel bit will have the simulated smells, but you never know.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.