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The Weekend’s Top 5

Need a plan for the weekend? Over to you, Hannah Dolan.

Josie Long photo by Idil Sukan, Draw HQ.

What: Glasgow International Comedy Festival
Where: Various locations, Glasgow
When: All weekend (ends 26 March)
Cost: Various
Comedy festivals are my absolute favourite thing and this week saw the start of the getting-ever-greater Glasgow fest. There’s a load on for the rest of the month; this weekend in particular brings dynamite shows by Eleanor Morton, Alison Spittle and Josie Long.
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Women of the World Festival
Where: Southbank Centre, London
When: All weekend
Cost: Various
With oodles of fantastic talks and workshops, this annual festival is one of those where if it’s your thing (and if you’re reading this, it is definitely your thing) you’ll want to go to every single event, but you can’t, so you’ll get a little angry. But that’s OK. Everyone else will be in the same boat. A little angry boat of wanting to do and listen and see all the stuff.
Other than the sweet-looking talks and stuff there’s also a marketplace for you to browse and buy. I wonder if there will be someone to talk me through the different sizes of mooncups.
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cherry blossomWhat: Cherry Blossom Origami Workshop
Where: The Museum of East Asian Art, Bath
When: Saturday, 2.30pm-4pm
Cost: £6
I didn’t know this museum was a thing but if I had and I lived in Bath I’d be in there all the time. Origami fascinates and befuddles me so this workshop looks like a right smasher. It is advertised as having been specially designed for mothers and daughters, which is lovely although I’m sure you’d still be very welcome if you’re a pitiful orphan or a childless harridan, BUT PHONE TO CHECK THOUGH.
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Where: Seven Stories, The National Centre for Children’s Books, Newcastle
When: All weekend (ends February 2018)
Cost: Various
Who doesn’t love a children’s book bear? They’re bloody ace. So for A WHOLE YEAR The National Centre for Children’s Books have put together an exhibition encompassing all things bear.
Everyone’s encouraged to bring their own bears along; it’s nice for them to see their famous ancestors, it’s important for them to know their history.
I had a book when I was little where all the characters were just called things like Zebra, Rabbit and Duck and then there was a bear at the end who was called Bramwell Brown and I don’t know why he got a proper name but the others didn’t. Please ask the organisers on my behalf.
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What: Edit Wikipedia! Art and Feminism 2017
Where: Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
When: Sunday, 10am-2pm
Cost: FREE
Join in and take part in a global effort to get more women editing and more content related to women in the arts on the world’s largest online encyclopaedia. In 2011, the Wikimedia Foundation found that fewer than 10 per cent of its contributors identify as female and only 15 per cent of the English Wikipedia biographies are about women.
So Art and Feminism are going to sort this shit out. The Book Club serves tea, coffee, booze and food, so fill your face, tap away on your tap-top (tap tap tap) and get to know a bunch of awesome like-minded folk.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.