Written by Hannah Dolan


The Weekend’s Top 5

Vintage clothes, animal bones and LGBT cinema: that’s what Hannah Dolan calls a weekend.

Geins family giftshopWhat: Leicester Comedy Festival
Where: Various locations, Leicester
When: All weekend (ends Sunday)
Cost: Various
Yeah, you heard me, LCF is still in town. Leicester town. But all the fun finishes on Sunday, so you’d best go see something utterly splendid while you still can or else you’ll have to wait A WHOLE YEAR to laugh again. Do you not know? Visitors and inhabitants of Leicester are only allowed to laugh during the month of February. I don’t make the rules.
There are still shows from our staff and writers to go see: Gein’s Family Giftshop (pictured: Kath is our Twitter hero and one third of GFG), Gráinne Maguire, Samantha Baines and Ellie Taylor.
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What: BONES: Skeleton Secrets of the Animal World
Where: Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle
When: All weekend (ends 14 May)
Cost: FREE
“Hey kids! Who wants to go see some animals?!” Ahahahaha, they’ll be so disappointed… or will they? Get you and your kids’ eyes all up on the bones of more than 100 different animals. From teeny tiny bat skeletons to a big old whale corpse, you’ll have an ace time educating and/or freaking out the kids in your life.
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What: Out of the Blue Flea Market
Where: Out of the Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh
When: Saturday (once a month)
Cost: FREE
My stupid-ass cat has just had fleas so the thought of this makes me itch. Fucking fleas. BUT I do love a market, even if it turns out that there are literally fleas at it.
flea market
This one has over 45 stalls of furniture, clothes, music, books and more of the usual. Plus the building looks awesome and there’s a cafe there that sells tasty things to go in your mouth, so that’s a bonus. NO FLEAS PLEASE.
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What: LGBT Film Night
Where: CoolTan Arts, London
When: Saturday, 6.30pm-8.30pm
Cost: FREE (reserve your space)
It’s LGBT History Month and what better way to spend it than by going to the utterly splendid CoolTan Arts and watching a bunch of cherry-picked films spanning from 1967 to today (not today-today though; making films takes time) including features and shorts (not shorts-shorts, Christ I’m so bad at this).
CoolTan Arts do a bunch of fantastic work for those with mental health conditions too so have a nose around their website and see what else might tickle your fancy.
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Sara LeRoy art

What: Sara LeRoy: 3D Tales – The Disenchanted Forest
Where: Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London
When: All weekend (ends 23 March)
Cost: FREE
Almost everyone knows how grim a lot of fairy tales are under the sugary sweet surface, but Sara LeRoy goes one step further and puts you right there in the picture, in the picture that she’s painted. The picture that she’s painted in a super crazy, anaglyph, 3D way, a picture that you’ll need 3D glasses to see.
Such a talented freak of a woman; this is one of those things that my brain won’t process. A human person shouldn’t be able to pull this sort of thing off without the aid of dark magic or a robot.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.