Written by Hannah Dolan


The Weekend’s Top 5

Don’t stay home this weekend, says Hannah Dolan, there’s bees, Bowie and comedy for kids to enjoy.

LP on turntable
Closet Vinyl
Where: The Northcote Arms, London
When: Saturday, 8pm-1am
Cost: FREE
Think of it as an open mic night but where the mic is a set of record decks. There’s a bunch of 20-minute spots available which you can sign up for when you get there. Bring your own sexy hard vinyl or have a flick through their collection. They do specify “strictly party music” but I have no idea what that means as ALL MUSIC IS PARTY MUSIC IN MY HOUSE (we have a lot of awesome Leonard Cohen/MF Doom based parties).
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The Graphic Art of The Harry Potter Films
Where: House of MinaLima, London
When: Saturday, 12-7pm
Cost: FREE
The guys at House of MinaLima are the shiiiiiiit! They’re the graphic designers of the Harry Potter film series and, until Saturday, they have a bunch of Warner Bros’ Potter props displayed for you to nerdgasm at.
Inside this magical graphic-based treat land you’ll also find limited addition prints, books, stationery and homeware. It gets super busy at the weekends so get down there early or else you may be allotted a timed entry… you have been warned. *spooky xylophone music plays out*
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Glasgow Kids Comedy Club
Where: The Stand Comedy Club, Glasgow
When: Sunday
Cost: £4
Get your kids supporting the standup comedy circuit and take them down to The Stand. It’s a super ace comedy club run by super ace comedy fans who are proper pushers of super ace comedy. Every month three awesome acts do sets filled with swear-free and adult material-free jokes. No ‘dick’s, no ‘cunt’s, no effing and jeffing. Just oodles of silly. No under-fives, all young’uns must be with an adult and it’s aimed at 8-12 year olds.
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David Bowie in Mexico City, 1997. Photo by Fernando Aceves.

What: David Bowie: Silhouettes and Shadows
Where: Lucy Bell Gallery, St Leonards-on-Sea
When: All weekend (Ends 28 February)
Cost: FREE
There’s a huge Bowie-shaped hole (or a Bowie-sized, Bowie-shaped hole at least) in the world, but hopefully this exhibition will help to patch it up a bit. It’s a feast of work from 12 of the world’s leading music photographers and alongside their images they reveal the personal and unique relationships they had with the star through anecdotes. Go fuck yourself for taking him away from us, 2016.
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bee head
After the Bees
Where: Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester, Manchester (Manchester Manchester Manchester)
When: All weekend (Ends July)
Cost: FREE
I fucking love bees. I went to a friend’s Halloween birthday party dressed as a bee once, made my wings out of cardboard and antennae out of pipe cleaners. Everyone else was a fucking zombie. Fuck them.
I’m getting distracted. Manchester Museum is just wonderful, I’m a fucking kid and always go to see the dinosaur skeletons BUT NOW THERE’S BEES TOO! This exhibition explores the consequences of a world without bees. Basically just use this as a way to educate yourself and the children in your life about what will happen if we carry on being the dreadful shits that we are.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.