Written by Hannah Dolan


The Weekend’s Top 5

Looking for something to do this weekend? Over to you, Hannah Dolan.

slight and reindeer illustration
Refuel the Reindeer workshop
Where: Green Oaks Shopping Centre, Widnes
When: Saturday
Cost: FREE
At this little get-together, kids get to make a ‘magical recipe’ for Rudolph and his pals they can sprinkle outside their home to guide the reindeer to their door. So, oats and glitter, yea? They’re probably just going to be flinging oats and glitter on your drive. NEVERTHELESS, magic.
While they mix up the magic you can take a load off and pop a free mince pie in your cake hole. Now THAT is magic.
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What: The Big FREAK Studio Sale
Where: Freakworks Studio, Leith
When: Sunday
Cost: FREE
This award-winning production company is selling off a load of awesome clutter that has accumulated from decades of film shoots. Have a rummage through their treasure trove of props, costumes, furniture, kit, set building and other goodies. With Christmas nearly here, some really unique presents and tat for your house might be waiting for you!
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glass of spiritsWhat: Ancient Reserves Whisky Boutique Pop-up Shop
Where: Ancient Reserves Whisky Boutique, Islington
When: All weekend (ends 23 December)
Cost: FREE
Ancient Reserves has popped up and turned a period corner shop into a delightfully Scandi, Christmas-tree-and-mistletoe-decked, winter whisky wonderland. Alongside whisky tastings, they’re running events such as whisky and chocolate pairing, which they’re calling a “sensory evening”.
But never mind about the wanky marketing speak, if you’re a whisky geek pop down for whisky chats and whisky sips and possibly whisky buys. Too many ‘whiskys’ in one sentence? Never. Whisky whisky whisky.
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What: teamLab: What a Loving, and Beautiful World
Where: QUAD, Derby
When: All weekend (ends 5 February 2017)
Cost: FREE
Go see some proper ingenious contemporary digital art, right now. Go now! But also finish reading this please. teamLab is a collaboration of not one, not two… but 400 members! FOUR HUNDRED! You may be thinking “Hey, that’s too many cooks” but you would be STRAIGHT UP WRONG. This three-screen interactive installation is the perfect mix of art, science, technology and creativity, activated by touch and shadows.
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Fabricating Histories: An Alternative 19th Century
Where: Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne
When: All weekend (ends 21 May 2017)
Cost: FREE (donations welcome)
Throughout history a fuck-ton of people have had a crazy amount of ridiculous ideas, and some of those people were inventors. Our world could have been flung in a completely different direction (figuratively).
You can probably expect to see plenty of steampunk bollocks but also many more interesting things as well; could I tempt you with an 19th-century computer? What would their chat rooms have been like, I wonder. “a/s/l?”
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.