Written by Hannah Dolan


The Weekend’s Top 5

Need a plan for the weekend? Allow Hannah Dolan to be your slightly-too-hand-holdy guide.

vans shoes
House of Vans Presents: To Infinity and Beyond
Where: House of VANS London, London
When: All weekend (ends 11 December)
Cost: FREE
You’ve probably all heard about the latest hot celebrity romance gossip between Disney Pixar and Vans. If not, they’ve hooked up and created some fit trainer children. And to celebrate this iconic mass birthing, House of Vans have put together a fully immersive and interactive Toy Story exhibition. Well, what are you waiting for? TO HOUSE OF VANS… AAAAND BEYOOOOOND.
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Independent Ceramics Christmas Market
Where: EPIC Dalston, London
When: Sunday
Cost: FREE
I fucking looooooooove a bit of ceramics. My Instagram feed is mainly dogs, guinea pigs and ‘ramics (it’s not a thing, but I want to make it a thing).
This market will cater to all ‘ramics fans, from big-ass jugs to intricate abstract sculptures of a tower of fag butts (I’ve seen it, it’s awesome). Pieces of artwork that started off as soggy dirt; what’s not to love?
Step aside paintings. Pots and stuff are in toooown!
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people buying clothes
Etsy Made Local
Where: All across the country
When: All weekend
Cost: FREE
It’s the second year for this national grassroots initiative that celebrates the local community of both crafters and collectors. You’ll get to talk to the people that own and work the hands that make the things, and that’s always nice. Etsy Made Local markets will be taking place in 25 cities. Where’d you live? York? Yeah there’s sure one in York. Aberdeen? Yup. St. Ives? Hell yeah. I’m most certainly going to the one in Manchester.
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What: Oxford Ghost Trail
Where: Meet outside the glass fronted gift shop of Oxford Castle Unlocked
When: Friday and Saturday (6.30pm)
Cost: Various
I love ghost walks; they’re always super fun/scary, plus I always think that Christmas time is the best possible time to take your kids on one. Real-life horror stories of gruesome happenings that went on right near where they live. If they’re not good for Father Christmas, then Old Stabby Alan might come a-calling…
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santa's post office
Santa’s Post Office
Where: Mermaid Quay, Cardiff
When: All weekend (every weekend up to Sunday 18 December)
Cost: FREE (donations welcome)
Santa’s Post Office in Mermaid Quay sounds like one of the most magical places on Earth.
The kiddies will meet the friendly elves who will help them write a letter for the big jolly himself and then post it in their super-quick post box. They can then watch their letter traveling to Lapland on the magic map! Every letter will get a letter back from Santa through the post to their home within the week. An extra special treat for them.
I’m so broody this hurts.
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.