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The Weekend’s Top 5

Need to make a plan for the weekend? Then Hannah Dolan is here to help.

Photo: Christa Holka.

Photo: Christa Holka.

What: A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer
Where: HOME, Manchester
When: Friday and Saturday
Cost: £10-£20
The temptation to call this thing CANCER! THE MUSICAL must have been immense. Bryony Kimmings, of Fake It ‘Til You Make It fame, has penned this new piece of theatre which promises big anthems, shiny costumes and the reality of living with and dying from cancer. They reckon one in every three people will contract some form of cancer in their lifetime SO MAYBE TAKE TWO FRIENDS.
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art festivalWhat: Llandudno Art Weekend
Where: Llandudno
When: All weekend
Cost: FREE
I bloody love art. You know, the stuff you don’t think you need until suddenly you’re in the middle of an artless industrial estate and you can’t figure out why you’re the saddest you’ve ever been. Llandudno have caged all their art for this year into a specific weekend so you’d best get it now while you can.
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What: Glasgow Continental
Where: The Arlington Baths Club, Glasgow
When: Sunday (every Sunday)
Cost: £7-£10
A weekly nudist swimming and sauna club. No judgement.
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What: Wool Fair and Sheep Drive
Where: Monument & London Bridge, London
When: Sunday
Cost: FREE
If you like garments that are scratchy and near impossible to wash then you’ll probably get a lot out of this festival of wool. There will be the usual woollen stuff like scarves and jumpers and that, and then some weirder shit like wool coffins. Also the annual London Bridge sheep drive.
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Random Story Generator
What: Random Story Generator (Children’s workshop)
Where: Jerwood Gallery, East Sussex
When: Saturday 1pm-4pm
Cost: £1.50 per child
The Jerwood Gallery currently has what looks to be a genuinely interesting exhibition on at the minute by artist Marcus Harvey called Inselaffe, a derogatory German term for the English. There are also a whole host of events surrounding the exhibition, including this drawing and writing workshop for the under-10s which sounds smashing. The main take away from this for me, though, is that the Germans apparently call us ‘island monkeys’ which is absolutely not OK; what the hell Germany?
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Written by Hannah Dolan

Hannah Dolan is getting better at making eye contact but only just. She likes biscuits and knitwear, even in summer, and quietly sings to herself if she forgets where she is.