Written by Amanda Wilkie


Tweets of the year (so far)

Back in December, Round-Up queen Amanda Wilkie gathered together the best tweets of 2014. And you lot ruddy loved it. So we’ve asked her to take a look at the year so far and pick the best of the bunch.

twitter birdSo, here we are, already more than halfway through 2015. Doesn’t time fly when you’re spending far too much time on Twitter!

I asked Twitter to send me the top tweets written by women and our survey said there were lots. And lots. And lots.

I was inundated, which is great (who says women aren’t funny, eh!) but because I have a job, and a husband and kids and a cat who want feeding and attention, I could only choose so many. Plus, if Twitter has taught us anything, it’s that people only have a very limited attention span when faced with anything over 140 characters or that takes longer than 140 seconds to read.

Thanks so much to all who submitted tweets, especially those ladies who were brave enough to send in their own tweets. All were read and many made me do that ‘laugh out loud’ thing the kids talk about.





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Written by Amanda Wilkie

Mum of two. Wife of one. Lover of wine. Head full of random wit and nonsense.