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The Round-Up

Amanda Wilkie trawls the internet so you don’t have to. This week there’s a turtle photobombing and an invitation (of sorts).

This picture of @simonfromharlow‘s dog is a thing of pure brilliance.


Dog holding cushion with picture of itself holding a dog cushion on it

On the Apo Island, this sea turtle decided to photobomb Diovani de Jesus’s group photo. It obviously wanted to take a shellfie.

turtle photobombing a group of swimmers

This is yet another impossible standard for women to try and live up to.

shop mannequin with ridiculously long arms

This young lad and his grandad playing Pie Face has a pretty predictable ending but contains many moments of mirth.

Newspaper correction of the week!

Newspaper correction column

(Courtesy of Pili Mihi Inhorruerunt)

This is very possibly the most demanding first birthday party invitation ever.

Demanding birthday party invitation


“Make it look French.” (They look like their heads are in pain – Badum-tish!)

Shop mannequins with baguettes on their heads

While I’m not normally a great fan of blackboards outside of pubs, this one I like.

"Do not leave your drink unattended. The cat is an asshole."

I’ll be honest, this photo made me do an audible squee at how fabulous it is.

Man walking pet tortoise

An oldie but a goodie. This will never stop being funny to me.

Question about London

And, finally, here’s a tip from me for anyone who needs help in folding a fitted sheet.

Spoof instructions for folding a fitted sheet


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Written by Amanda Wilkie

Mum of two. Wife of one. Lover of wine. Head full of random wit and nonsense.