Written by Amanda Wilkie


The Round-Up

Amanda Wilkie trawls the internet so you don’t have to. This week, she’s found a real criminal element among our animals and is amazed by Donald Trump’s mum.

If you’ve been watching the brilliant Stranger Things, then here’s a great video of some of the many 70s and 80s film references in it. WARNING: OBVIOUSLY CONTAINS SPOILERS.


This is ridiculously pleasing to watch.



This is still one of my favourite pieces of TV subtitling/signing.



And I still love this news story. The headline is funny. The wording in brackets is sublime.



The intro to Father Ted in the style of Game of Thrones. Superb!


Well this blew my mind a little bit…

upside down


This photo of Donald Trump’s mum looks like a character in a film about Trump’s life where Trump plays all of the roles.

trumps mum


Guy gets mugged off by a pigeon. We’ve all been there, right? WARNING: CONTAINS MULTIPLE SWEARS!


In celebration of International Friendship Day…



A warning to Pokémon Go users…



Who to vote for in the American election… by The Simpsons.



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Written by Amanda Wilkie

Mum of two. Wife of one. Lover of wine. Head full of random wit and nonsense.