Written by Amanda Wilkie


The Round-Up

Amanda Wilkie trawls the internet so you don’t have to. This week there’s the world’s slowest chase and some terrifying kids’ TV stars.

@Haraam_ had this wonderful exchange with Tesco on Twitter.

Round-Up Tesco











This dad gave all other dads a run for their money in the awesomeness stakes.

Round-Up Dad



We got to see how utterly terrifying the Teletubbies are in black and white.

Round-Up Teletubbies



Paul Rose from National Geographic interrupted a giant tortoise mating and got chased… slowly.

We discovered what happens when a lion goes for a (BIG) CAT scan.

Round-Up Cat Scan












Inevitably it resulted in some joker producing this image.

Round-Up MGM













What’s better than a Shih Tzu dressed as a teddy bear walking on a treadmill?

Round-Up Shih Tzu









A Shih Tzu dressed as a teddy bear walking on a treadmill to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack of course!


There was this ever so *helpful* neighbour (who possibly should’ve gone to Specsavers).

Round-Up Neighbour











Though they’ve done the rounds several times on the internet, these uncropped road signs are still small pieces of genius.


Round-Up Road Signs
























And, finally, this hurt my brain a bit. Have a play!

backwards Google


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Written by Amanda Wilkie

Mum of two. Wife of one. Lover of wine. Head full of random wit and nonsense.