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The dogs of awww

It’s National Puppy Day, so we asked our contributors to share a pic of their pup. Because how else do you celebrate it?


Bisha Ali
This is Simba. He is now huge, but will only foil intruders by melting their angry hearts with his joyful licky face and snuggles.



Hazel Davis
Here’s Hank. Newly rescued via the RSPCA, about 11 years ago, aged about four months. LOOK AT HIM.


poppy & molly

Amanda Wilkie
Poppy. And Molly, who was teeny as a puppy but is absolutely the boss!



Sarah Millican
Not a puppy but this is the day we got Tuvok. In the car on the way to his new home after a year in kennels.



Kiri Pritchard-McLean
This is Ci and he is the best.


Alison Carr
This is Scamp. I wasn’t sure whether to post him ‘cos, as you can see, he was the greatest dog in the world and I didn’t want the rest of you to get disheartened.



Angela Barnes
Funny this should come up today, as FB just reminded me it was six years ago this lady had to say goodbye. Her name is Lucy and she was my dad’s dog. He rescued her, but she rescued him more. Gave him a reason to exercise. And I believe she helped us keep him around longer than we would have done without her.
When he passed away, she pined for him, and joined him a couple of years later. She was a ditzy drama queen and she could run like lightning before rounding everyone up (saluki/border collie cross). A legend. Shut up, there’s something in my eye.


lionel then

lionel now

Justine Brooks
This was the day Lionel came into my life. And Lionel now.


Dotty Winters
Murph, as a pup (she’s ancient now). Modelling her most fav leg warmers; she’s always had style.


Fiona Longmuir
Juno as a pup. Look at those big stupid ears.



Claire Goodwin
This is Trev. He is my absolute world, with my husband (obvs). He is funny and considerate and he stays with me when I’m ill. When I was chronically ill, he never left my side.
Two weeks ago I had terrible sickness and he stayed with me all night. All night next to my sick bowl. Didn’t try to get on the bed. Didn’t go downstairs to the comfy sofa. Just stayed there and occasionally poked me with his wet schnozz when I retched. These puppies – amazing.



JoJo Moyes
I never get tired of this picture (now that I can feel my legs again).



Sian Harries
Meet Rhosie. She’s a cross between a prawn and a mouse and a Womble.



Kate Fox
This is Norbert when he was a puppy, with his hedgehog soft toy who used to be nearly as big as him.

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Written by Various Artists

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