Written by Camilla King


Replay: Strictly Come Dancing, Saturday Live Blog

Week two of Strictly proper kicked off on Saturday and someone – to be revealed on Sunday night – will have danced their last dance. All the dance floor shenanigans were logged and blogged for Standard Issue by Strictly devotee, Camilla King.

Keep dancing! It's good advice

So last week was all very nice, but this weekend is when we start separating the wheat from the cha-cha-chaff.

Our lovely live blogger, Camilla King was watching every step as the 30-strong class of 2015 (we’re including the professional dancers in the head count because they’re people too, people) returned to the dance floor, in a similar manner to the animals who boarded the Ark (two by two, not crapping on the gangplank).

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Written by Camilla King

Freelancer in the arts. Unwilling expert on Batman, dinosaurs and poo (there are children) and running widow of @UpDownRunner. Lover of music, cake and lady stuff. @millking2301