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SIM Illustrated: Louise Boulter

We’re lucky enough to have a cracking team of illustrators at Standard Issue and thought it was about time we offered a proper meet and greet. In the second of a series of profiles, please say hello to the wonderful Louise Boulter (who also designed our mug!).

boulter ladypartsName: Louise Boulter

Official job title: Freelance illustrator

What was the first thing you wanted to be? A fictional bird I had created called a beauty bird.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist/illustrator? When I was 27.

boulter colonicWhat’s your strongest memory from school/education? Asking to go to go to the toilet in a PE lesson. The teacher wouldn’t let me go so I peed myself (this is early primary).

When you’re not working, what else do you like to do? Walking and running with the dog. My new favourite thing.  I live 10 mins from the beach and it chills me right out.

What has been your proudest creative moment to date? I used to illustrate for a fashion label, was dead chuffed seeing people wearing t-shirts with my illustrations on them. Seeing my illustrations at Standard Issue gives me the same feeling.

boulter page 3What would you like to erase from your past? All the useless times I felt inferior.

What brings you the most joy? Being around my family and friends.

What makes you angry? Arrogance.

Professionally, who has been your biggest inspiration? Blimey, I can’t just say one, there’s a few. Grayson Perry’s tapestries and drawings – I love how the concept of his work is easily accessible so the public can get it; Henry Darger an outsider artist; he was a recluse whose hidden drawings were discovered in his room after he died (wish it was me who discovered them); Angela Dalinger a German artist. I can’t get enough of the dark humorous elements in her illustrations. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it. Oh and of course  Frida Kahlo. Out of all of them Frida has influenced me from the start.

Our ace Standard Issue mug. Yours for less than a tenner.

Our ace Standard Issue mug. Yours for less than a tenner.

Have you ever met someone who made you go weak at the knees? My niece.

What advice would you give a woman who wants a career in illustration/design? If you can, just do the eight hours a day, no more. It’s very easy to work all day and night but anymore than this can get a bit unhealthy.

How do you define success? It has got to be happiness. If you’ve got that pretty much everything is successful.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had? Always be yourself.

boulter photo copyWhat’s your favourite photograph? (And can we see it?) I found this photo last week. My sister was living in Bilbao when we were students, and my Dad and I went out to visit her. For some reason we argued a lot on that holiday. I’m sulking and my sister’s picking tapas out of her teeth. A petty argument about whether or not the Spanish have outdoor seating all year round. My Dad unaware of all this, thought he’d found a nice opportunity to take a picture. He sent it to me as a Moonpig 21st birthday card.

Who can’t you live without? My husband (can I bag my sister too?).

What can’t you live without? I can’t think of anything apart from food and water – but it would be a pretty sad place without nature.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? I’ve totally given up smoking for two months. This is the first time ever for me.

Which song could be used to soundtrack your life so far? A bit cheesy, but I’m going with my impulse… Roam, B52’s.

boulter ladypartsOf all the illustrations you’ve done for Standard Issue, which is your favourite? The illustration for Lucy Sweet’s piece on ‘Weird hair’.  Belly laughed when I read it and was giggling as i illustrated it:)



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Written by Standard Issue