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Saturday Morning Pictures

It’s time for another trawl through history in photographs. And this week we’re looking at beach life. Because summer.

Annette Kellerman

1. Annette Kellerman (1887-1975), Australian professional swimmer, vaudeville and film star, in her famous custom swimsuit. It was designed to allow for serious athletic swimming, unlike conventional women’s swimwear of the period, but considered indecent by some. Via Wikimedia Commons

Beach photographer

2. A beach photographer, Whitby, 1905. Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, The Kodak Collection at the National Media Museum via Wikimedia Commons

3 Dancing_on_the_beach

3. Women dancing on beach, Toronto, 1920. City of Toronto Archives

EH 6896P Errnest and Pauline Hemingway, San Sebastian, circa September 1927. Photograph in the Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

4. Ernest and Pauline Hemingway, San Sebastian, September 1927. Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection


5. Swimsuit photo shoot for Ladies Home Journal in 1932. Nickolas Muray, via Wikimedia Commons

6 Bathing_beauties_in_one_piece_bathing_suits

6. Manly beach, New South Wales, 1938. via Wikimedia Commons

7 Whitley_Bay_British_Railways_Poster

7. Whitley Bay poster, 1949. Via Wikimedia Commons

8 poster

8. Blimey. That’s good to know. United States Public Health Service (1950) via Wellcome Images

9 Barris_Marilyn_Monroe (1)

9. Marilyn Monroe, 1962. George Barris via Wikimedia Commons


10. Organised daily exercises at public pools in Boca Raton, Florida, June 1973. National Archives and Records Administration, via Wikimedia Commons

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Written by Standard Issue