Written by Amanda Wilkie


The Round-Up

Amanda Wilkie trawls the internet so you don’t have to. This week she learns all children were equal in the 1970s, but not all One Direction figurines are today.

1: This photo of Lenny Kravitz and his amazing scarf resurfaced. Honey I Shrunk Kravitz?

2: Naked man turns himself into a hay bale. How can you resist a video with that title? It’s a few years old but has been doing the rounds again this week. It’s very possibly not real but I really, REALLY, want to believe it is.

3: We saw you should always make sure the person decorating your shop window doesn’t take your suggestions literally. (via @_youhadonejob)

4: This, by Lego, from 1974 and posted on Reddit by fryd_, sent us a powerful message. Its authenticity has been confirmed by the company and everything about it is awesome!

5: This spaghetti-eating contest between a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd is quite wonderful (even though, technically, it really is no contest.)

6: @rachelglass_ showed us some real Irish pride.

7: Comedian Lauren O’Brien shared this video of 14 different celebrity impressions, while stuck in traffic. It is, quite simply, brilliant!

8: And, finally, with the release of the trailer for Jurassic World this week, I couldn’t help but be surprised at one of the stills from the movie*…

*obviously not a real still from the film and just me being daft.

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Written by Amanda Wilkie

Mum of two. Wife of one. Lover of wine. Head full of random wit and nonsense.