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QOTM: What’s your favourite smell?

We asked our contributors what tickles their olfactory organs. Fresh manure and frying onions, anyone?

Illustration by Louise Boulter.

Liz Buckley
My cat’s paws. They smell of jellybeans and home.

Ashley Davies
Petrichor’s an ugly word for such a divine smell.

Cal Wilson
Lemon muffins baking in the oven. A frying onion. Not at the same time.

Sooz Kempner
Delicious petrol!

Rachel Fairburn
Tinsel. Every Christmas I can’t help grab it and sniff it like a mad woman. You have to get it right to your nose to get the full aroma.

Sophie Scott
New carpets.

Alice Sanders
I love the smell of creosote.

Julie Balloo
Thick felt-tipped pens.

Gabby Hutchinson Crouch
That smell you get straight after a heavy summer shower has passed. The top of a baby’s head. Fresh line-dried laundry.

Jessica Fostekew
The smell of my mum, which I’m pretty sure is her perfume and cigarettes. I accept a lot of her old clothes even when I’d look horrible in them because I love the smell.

Dotty Winters
Body Shop White Musk, Bonfire Night, the cologne my dog wears.

Daisy Leverington
The top of my daughter’s head, even if it needs a wash. Smells like home.

Roo Green
The sweet, sweet smell of bookshops. The secondhand section of Waterstones on Gower Street takes me right back to being a student in London.

Juliet Meyers
Swimming pools, my dog’s snout and paws (I couldn’t place the smell but the internet says it’s Cheetos), paint, Thai food, tea tree oil.

Claire Goodwin
Trevor’s smell is second to none. Some people say he smells like dog. I think he smells amazeballs. Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia genuinely makes me feel happy but it’s second to Trevor’s puppy smell. God he smelt so much like love feels.
And also my husband’s hairy chest crevice where I nuzzle my head every morning. Sometimes it smells horrid – full of lost food bits and sweat. I still like it though. Sometimes of aftershave, sometimes of drool, sometimes just of him. Best ever.

Juliette Burton
Smells from my childhood home… which can include hyacinths, roses, fresh ironing, bonfires and, er, manure. I grew up on a farm, see. I really don’t mind the smell at all. It’s homely and rustic and real.

JoJo Smith
Freshly roasted coffee.

Annabel Giles

horse nose
Sarah Ledger
I have a really bizarrely strong sense of smell. I was once woken up by the smell of a packet of Doritos being opened downstairs. My favourite smell is a clean man in a leather jacket.

Rowan Whiteside
The ocean. But not like a yeechy seaweed ocean, but one which is all crisp and salt-fresh. Or a secondhand bookshop, obvs.

Lucy Reynolds
Tomato plant leaves… weird, but lovely.

Hannah Dolan
I don’t have much of a sense of smell. But I’m always happy when I smell ‘warm’. This can range from your favourite perfume to driving past a sewage works on a hot day.

Hazel Davis
I have a tiny occasional office in a musical instrument repair shop. The smell of violin varnish combined with the bread from the bakery next door makes me feel secure. And Sharpies.

Sarah Millican
The dog. He often stinks but it’s the smell of something that loves me.

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Written by Various Artists

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