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Life critic: weddings on Pinterest

In her regular column, Kate Leaver reviews life’s banalities. This week, she’s going all gooey-eyed over delight and beauty and love. Bleugh.

gurning alpacaThis is hard for me to say. Partly because I’ve just crammed a ginger biscuit and a square of chocolate in my mouth at the same time to create a crumbly new taste party. But mostly because it’s embarrassing.

I’m, uh, addicted to the weddings section of Pinterest. It’s a very recent affliction, but it’s extremely serious and possibly debilitating. And so unexpected for me: for ages, I thought Pinterest was just a chaotic digital scrapbook for Bridezillas. Oh, how very wrong I was. It is so much more than that.

Here’s how I caught Pinterest addiction of the very weddingest kind. AND why I’m giving it five handcrafted, glitter-dipped candle stars hanging from a birch tree at twilight.

My best friend’s wedding is in January. Forget being the happiest day of her life; it will be the happiest day of mine. Truly, if you don’t hear from me come February 2016, alert NASA that I’m wafting somewhere in the stratosphere like a human balloon, smiling and crying tears of bridesmaid happiness. (Could a scientist please confirm if this is possible? I should warn my mother.)

My main girl asked me to be her bridesmaid by delivering a pink rose plant in a giant yellow polka dot teacup to my doorstep. So really, given that she set the cuteness level to ‘Advanced Cute’, I should have logged on to Pinterest immediately.

Instead, I left it a month, getting confused every time she ‘pinned’ something to a ‘board’ because those things are traditionally a word for a human action and a physical object.

THEN. ON SUNDAY NIGHT. I disappeared down the most glorious rabbit hole of wonder: the search term ‘weddings’. Have you done it? You really should. Just be warned though: you may need to quit your day job to look at flower crowns and sweet buffets and custom napkin art full time. If you’re at all secretly inclined towards delight and beauty and love, well, you may never be able to stop. Maybe we should start a support group? Tweet me, at the very least.


1. Where is this magical fairyland and why am I not living there permanently?

Life Critic Pinterest weddings 1

2. This is how I’ll be wearing my hair every day until further notice.

wedding hairstyle

3. Obviously this doughnut bar could be rolled out for breakfast occasions, not just the party you have to celebrate finding the love of your life.

doughnut bar

4. It should henceforth be compulsory for every venue of every kind to have dance flip flops available.

flip flops

5. If I think about my best friend in a sexy magical fairy floss ballet dancer gown outfit situation like this, it makes me hurt in the heart area.

wedding dress

The loveliness is almost too much to take, right? If you’re a fellow Pinterest weddings section addict, we could absolutely start a 12-step programme to return to our former, productive lives.

Or, we could, you know, um, swap pictures of the backless lace dress we want to wear one day on a beach? You decide.


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Written by Kate Leaver

Wandering Australian journalist, professional-level Harry Potter fan, occasional funny person, gelato enthusiast. Still worried about the state of Britney Spears' mental health.