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Happy birthday to us!

Standard Issue is two today, so have some pictures of our team and a few of our contributors as little ones enjoying birthdayness/terrorising their big sister/rocking a tremendous bowl cut.

Our dep ed, Hannah Dunleavy, is about three here and already a formidable force. Her sister (sat in the trailer) might look like she’s smiling, but that is actually terror. Abject terror.


Our editor Mickey Noonan on her eighth birthday – giving the people what they want/making the people regret that present.


Susan Calman
“Nice bowl cut…”


Diane Morgan
“Look at that inflatable Mr Tickle!”


Daisy Leverington
“My 16th was spent meeting Ulrika Jonsson at the opening of Carphone Warehouse. I fucking dare you to find me a happier 16-year-old.”


Our sub Abi Bliss: “Here’s me giving my cake the thumbs-up on my second birthday. I appear to be wearing reins, which makes sense, as according to family lore, this is around the time I walked blithely off the edge of Portland and had to be yanked back to safety.”


Assistant editor Amanda Trickett: “Power dressing at eight years old. I’m assuming I’d been too busy at the office to invite anyone to my party which is why only the dog came.”

amanda and dog

Calendar elf Hannah Dolan: “My second birthday (1986). Mum got quite good at making special birthday cakes for my sister and I, but I think this poo-cat with dry spaghetti for whiskers (I liked to chew them) was possibly her finest hour.”


We’re pretty damn envious of our Twitter elf Kath Hughes’ third birthday cake.


Our admin genius Jen Offord: “I think I’m one, or else my parents were stingy as fuck since there was only one candle on the cake, which you can see I’ve polished off in this particular picture. Starting life as I meant to go on… It’s the discarded spoon on my belly that makes it.”


Helen Linehan
“Party hard, 1977. That’s me looking at the camera with my cousin and my bro.”


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Written by Standard Issue