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Going shopping for good

The current shitstorm state of affairs in the US has left lots of us wondering what we can do. While making a plan, we found ourselves browsing for lovely stuff which has doing good built in.

LeFran's 'Nasty Woman' designs
Here at Standard Issue, we bloody love hearing from our cracking gang of readers, so we were very thrilled when designer and illustrator Fran Court – the woman behind the jewellery and illustration brand LeFran – got in touch to let us know she was putting together a range of Nasty Woman necklaces, and would be donating all the profits to Planned Parenthood (PPFA), the nonprofit organisation providing reproductive health services in the US and around the world, which is at risk of being ‘defunded’ since the election of Trump.

Lovely lass that Court is, she was also very quick to let us know she was by no means acting alone. Shedloads of artists and designers have been moved to put their creative efforts into making things which will benefit the rights of women everywhere to have full control of their bodies.

We had a quick chat with her – and a look at her necklaces – before taking a look at who else was on board. We also selected a few examples of stuff we’d very much fancy adding to our collection and thought you might like to add to yours.

Hey Fran, introduce yourself, won’t you?

Hello! My name is Fran and I’m a freelance video game UI artist and illustrator, but I also run my own little Etsy shop selling lasercut jewellery, pins, patches and other accessories of my designs. I’m originally from South Wales but moved to London after my degree in Illustration at UWE in Bristol to pursue a career in games art.

What are you doing in aid of Planned Parenthood?

I’m selling some lasercut Nasty Woman necklaces and donating money from each sale to Planned Parenthood. So far I’ve raised £110 and it would be great to raise more. Hopefully highlighting some of the things other artists and makers have made will help raise a lot more money for charity!

nasty woman designWhat made you decide to do it?

The news recently is pretty scary and it’s easy to feel powerless. There’s so many horrible things happening and it’s quite worrying to think about what could happen next. But seeing everyone gathering together to stand up for what they believe in, like the recent mass protests, gives hope.

I saw various artists on social media, such as @loveandasandwich, donating profits from sales of their artwork to Planned Parenthood and ACLU and felt that I could do something to help too.

I think it’s amazing that all these people are doing what they can to help change something they feel strongly about, so it’s inspiring to be a small part of it.

Tell us about what you’re selling

I’m making lasercut Nasty Woman necklaces. I think the term ‘Nasty Woman’ has become something positive and is a pretty great fuck-you.

How can people order one?

I had a pre-order where people could select the colours they wanted, which has now closed, but I’ve added up some pre-orders of set colours, that will be with me soon, to put together. If they sell out I’ll keep adding small amounts should people wish to order one, each of which will include a donation to Planned Parenthood.

Where can people find your stuff and make an order?

I have an Etsy shop at www.lefran.etsy.com, my website is at www.lefran.com and I tweet at @lefrancreative.

PussyHat cat
Love & a Sandwich: Pussy Grabs Back!

Inspired by the Pussyhat Project, Chelsea Bloxsom decided to make some little Pussyhat Cats and donate all the proceeds to PPFA.

Take a closer look right here.

feminist buttonsCute and Creepy Inc

Here’s a button (or four) we could all wear with a proud smile.

All proceeds from the Feminist Button Pack will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

To get yours, visit their Etsy page.

In addition, Cute and Creepy are donating 15 per cent of all button sales (buttons are sold separately) to Planned Parenthood.

Triple boob necklaceGillingham Goods

Come on now, be honest. Who among you has an accessories collection which wouldn’t benefit from a Triple Boob Pendant? Thought so.

Gillingham Goods have decided to put their boob necklaces where their morals are – responding to the election of Trump and Pence by donating 100 per cent of the profits from this corking piece of neckwear to PPFA.

Order one here, and before you know it, you’ll have more boobs around your neck than you’ll know what to do with.

Alex Carlson Design: Pussy Worship

The power of reproductive rights is summed up in cracking fashion in this T-shirt which is available in all sizes for women and men, with 50 per cent of all profits going to Planned Parenthood. To make an order, click right here.

alex carlson design - pussy worship t-shirt
Carlson also has this rather fetching Pussy Worship Patch, which comes with an iron-on backer so is piss-easy to add to whichever item of clothing you think will benefit. Again, 50 per cent of profits will be going straight to PPFA.

sew-on patches
To get your order in, click here.


Known for producing a range of customisable stamped bracelets and pendants, OneNightStamp have produced a special range of RESIST bracelets, which they reckon is a very canny way of showing your support.

Resist bracelet
They’re showing their support by donating 10 per cent of sales to Planned Parenthood.

You can order yours here.

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Written by Standard Issue