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Gigcast: In Conversation in Glasgow

For those of you who couldn’t make Glasgow’s In Conversation event with Sarah Millican, Susan Calman and Jo Caulfield, we’ve done this gigcast. Contains laughs, death and the perils of all-you-can-eat gravy.

sarah millican, susan calman and jo caulfield
As part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival, we did an In Conversation with Standard Issue event. We had a blast. Have a listen yourself, as editor Mickey Noonan attempts to cat-herd the brilliant brains of Jo Caulfield, Sarah Millican and Susan Calman.

Discussions include: terrible games at drama schools, feminism, ironing, blowjobs on bottles and an important notice about trains from Glasgow. #fuckthehammer

Listen here: http://standardissuemagazine.podomatic.com/entry/2016-05-04T01_58_59-07_00

Our next In Conversation event is at the Udderbelly on the South Bank, London, on 17 May, 9pm.


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Written by Standard Issue