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Gigcast: In Conversation at the Cheltenham Comedy Festival

Couldn’t make our In Conversation event with Sarah Millican, Dawn French, Sarah Kendall and Holly Walsh in Cheltenham? Worry not. We’ve done this gigcast. And it’s a bloody blast. Seriously, Dawn French’s skills as an impressionist… Of what? Have a listen.

As part of the Cheltenham Festival, we did an In Conversation with Standard Issue event. We had an absolute hoot. Have a listen as editor Mickey Noonan attempts to corral the quickfire brains of top-drawer birds Sarah Millican, Dawn French, Sarah Kendall and Holly Walsh.

Discussions include: animals shagging stuff they shouldn’t, feminism, road rage, mams, cracking bosoms, bad role models and that time Sarah Millican wanted to be a stripper.

Apologies to Holly’s mam for all the swears. #notinadildoway

Listen here:

Our next In Conversation event features Jo Brand and Sarah Millican and is at Leicester Square Theatre, London, on 20 November.


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Written by Standard Issue