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Getting to know you… Sarah Millican

If you’re a regular visitor to Standard Issue, you won’t need telling that we’re lucky enough to have a cracking team of contributors who we love dearly. We also have a pretty wonderful founder too, in Sarah Millican.

Sarah happyName: Sarah Millican

Age: Glorious 40

Location: At home

Official job title: Comedian, writer and proud founder of Standard Issue Magazine

What was the first thing you wanted to be? A stripper. I thought it was just a nice dancer. And clearly had more confidence than I do now.

When did you know you wanted to be what you are now? Twenty-nine. I am proof that a bloody big gear change is possible.

What’s your strongest memory from school/education? Liking the teachers more than the kids.

When you’re not working, what else do you like to do? I like to sit in my pyjamas, with the fire on and grasp at whichever animal is walking by. If I have to go outside, I love going to the pictures (cinema).

What has been your proudest creative moment to date? The day Standard Issue went live. I took a photo of my proud face. It was just early and crying.

What was your favourite day at work? Every day would be a lie but most days, to be honest. I love being funny and I love the clapping.

What would you like to erase from your past? That would be a waste of time. Everything I did, I am.

What brings you the most joy? Animals. It matters not whether it’s a dog’s pleading face when I’m eating ham, or cats purring because I’m stroking them correctly or a buzzard flying overhead or a squirrel shimmying up a tree. All animals.

What makes you angry? Sexism, no bag in the bin, the usual.

Professionally, who has been your biggest inspiration? Jenny Eclair. Bold and funny as hell.

Have you ever met someone who made you go weak at the knees? Yep. *blushes*

What advice would you give a woman who wants a career like yours? Stop thinking about it and just do it. Work hard, take advice from those you value, but ultimately plough your own furrow. And work hard.

How do you define success? I have three jars of jam on the go at once. Two of them are strawberry. It makes no sense and is ridiculously decadent.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had? There is no such thing as can’t.

sarah on john bishop showWhat’s your favourite photograph of yourself? (And can we see it?)

My favourite photo is my wedding photo so no, you can’t, but I also like this one. I was recording John Bishop’s Christmas show and while I used to hate photos of me (underlying body image issues I’m working on), I like this one.

And half an hour before I’d fallen down some stairs and cracked my head but THE SHOW MUST GO ON. *flings feather boa over shoulder*

Where did you go on your favourite holiday? Las Vegas with my friend, Tom or literally anywhere with my husband.

What can’t you live without? My phone, biscuits and socks.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Becoming a comedian. I was a broken mess after my divorce but something made me get on a stage and talk about it. Thank fuck.

Who is your favourite person? I have loads. All the gals who work at the magazine for starters. My best friend, Lizzie, too. And my husband. We make an excellent team.

sarah's petsWho’s your favourite animal? I can’t choose a favourite (the dog) between my three bairns (the dog) so can I send pics of all three (the dog)?

Which song could be used to soundtrack your life so far? Chocolate by Snow Patrol. Not because it’s about chocolate because it isn’t, but because I first heard it as I was starting to do standup and appropriated all the words to my life at the time.

What are your favourite three articles at Standard Issue? Jenny Eclair on reality TV: brutal, honest, brilliant. Deborah Frances White on saying ‘No’. Good advice for all. And Jen Brister’s shitting hilarious holiday tale.

Which question would you have liked to have answered in this questionnaire, but weren’t asked? Have you farted? (I have.)

Sarah is on tour right now and tickets are available here.


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Written by Standard Issue