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Getting to know you… JoJo Smith

If you’re a regular visitor to Standard Issue, you won’t need telling that we’re lucky enough to have a cracking team of contributors who we love dearly. We thought it was about time we let them introduce themselves properly. JoJo Smith is here to say hello.

JoJo Smith author picName: JoJo Smith

Age: 55

Location: London

Official job title: Comedian

What was the first thing you wanted to be? Archaeologist

When did you know you wanted to be what you are now? After my first open spot when I realised the power of being heard.

What’s your strongest memory from school/education? Being beaten up aged nine at Roebuck Primary School in Preston because I had a Canadian accent. The other kids knocked it out of me… literally.

When you’re not working, what else do you like to do? I’m a member of the Tate so I make sure I go a lot to get my money’s worth. I do Iyengar Yoga, which has done as much for my mental agility as my physical (if not more).

What has been your proudest creative moment to date? Watching the very first episode of Funny Business, the ITV chat show I created, wrote, researched and presented in the mid-90s.

What was your favourite day at work? Whatever day(s) I’m working. Each gig is different so a Thursday night can be better than a Saturday or vice versa.

What would you like to erase from your past? Nothing. I’m a proper bloody Edith Piaf me (“Je ne regrette rien”).

What brings you the most joy? Seeing an audience really laughing at something I’ve said.

What makes you angry? Injustice.

JoJo with Steve Jones.Have you ever met someone who made you go weak at the knees? Ryan Gosling at Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. The date was 21 January 2012.

What advice would you give a woman who wants a career like yours? Go for it! Be original.

How do you define success? A peaceful heart.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had? Don’t take the brown acid.

What’s your favourite photograph of yourself? Me and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols.

Where did you go on your favourite holiday? Bali.

Who can’t you live without? A paying audience.

What can’t you live without? Oxygen.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Still getting away with it.

Who is your favourite person? Me.

Who’s your favourite animal? Any monkey.

JoJo with a monkey
Which song could be used to soundtrack your life so far? Stay Free by The Clash.

What are your favourite three articles at Standard Issue? I love Jen Brister’s columns on motherhood; Andrea Mann’s piece on musical theatre classes was a cracker, and Jen Offord’s piece on Chris Gayle.

Which question would you have liked to have answered in this questionnaire, but weren’t asked? I’d have liked to have been asked for my solution for world peace and an end to all suffering but you didn’t, so I’ll keep it to myself.

JoJo Smith’s debut Edinburgh solo show, I Was Mick Jones’ Bank Clerk runs from 15-28 August at Upstairs @ Cabaret Voltaire, 36-38 Blair St, Edinburgh EH1 1QR at 6.45pm.


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Written by Standard Issue