New(ish) mum Samantha Dooey-Miles is charting her life in doodles. This week, she’s captured breastfeeding post the six-month mark.

When you breastfeed a newborn, people treat you like a magical, wonderful being. Once the baby’s six months old, suddenly people start having words with you in case you’re planning on starring in a Channel 4 shock-doc about women who breastfeed their children until they’re at university. Or, as shown in this doodle, they think you’re a martyr sacrificing your body for no good reason.
Still Breastfeeding - doodlebug@anewessexgirl

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Written by Samantha Dooey-Miles

Sam is a first-time mum doodling and blogging her way through teething, nappies and the constant struggle of never quite being sure whether she lives in Essex or London. Find her blog at anewessexgirl.com.