New(ish) mum Samantha Dooey-Miles is charting her life in doodles. This week, she’s looking at the don’ts and can’ts post loinfruit.

People are quick to tell you the things you cannot do when you have a child.

In part this is true: you can no longer accept a quick drink after work until you sort childcare and a visit to the cinema seems as exotic as trekking through the rainforest. There are also loads of bad, destructive habits I’ve had to ban because I no longer have time for both them and everything else.

An example. Monday morning, I’m sitting next to a manspreader on the tube who coughs with no hand clasped over his face. I already have a small child so I am probably more covered in filthy germs than he is; still, disgusting.

Then I race to my not important and therefore a bit of annoying doctor’s appointment to find the doctor is not in; the receptionist claims my appointment was on Friday even though I know it was not.

DoodlebugI spend the next hour replaying the conversation when I booked to ensure I did not fabricate a whole social interaction and write down the imagined result of it in my diary in a fit of knackered madness.

Before Iona, I would have taken my week starting like this as a sign that I was doomed. This day, nay, this week would have been deemed a bloody write-off.

Except you can’t go home and hide in bed undisturbed for a week with a small child. Instead I have to slap a smile on, dismiss the bad thoughts as quickly as I can and only reveal how irked I am when I absolutely have to. And not with swear words because that is one of the things I absolutely cannot do with the kid around.

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Written by Samantha Dooey-Miles

Sam is a first-time mum doodling and blogging her way through teething, nappies and the constant struggle of never quite being sure whether she lives in Essex or London. Find her blog at anewessexgirl.com.