New(ish) mum Samantha Dooey-Miles is charting her life in doodles. This week, she has an unwanted face visitor.

Getting older is fine, I suppose. The alternative of not ageing because you are dead is a much less appealing prospect. Anyway, there are things to look forward to as time ticks on. For instance, the thrill of buying a bottle of wine and being asked for ID by an overly cautious cashier.

I’ve always been intrigued as to what I will look like as I age. When I was a teenager I would stare at my face for hours and try to imagine what was in store for it. I no longer have unlimited free time to gaze into mirrors but when I catch a glimpse of myself reflected in shop windows I think I’m doing OK. I wouldn’t change anything.

Well, I would change one thing. I am still getting spots. Some hormonal imbalance as I reduce how much I am breastfeeding has led to numerous stubborn little bastards popping up overnight, every night, with no warning. I’m 30. I thought this shit, like pretending to enjoy dreary music that boys I fancied liked, would have stopped years ago.

That said, if this zit on my chin helps me get asked for ID when I buy my payday prosecco I will accept this part of my youth hanging about.

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Written by Samantha Dooey-Miles

Sam is a first-time mum doodling and blogging her way through teething, nappies and the constant struggle of never quite being sure whether she lives in Essex or London. Find her blog at anewessexgirl.com.