Written by Donna Harle


Confessions of a YouTuber

Even as you read this, Donna Harle is procrastinating on YouTube instead of getting on with important stuff. She has, however, found quite the haul of comedy gold and she’s more than happy to share.

I’ve always been a fan of YouTube and all it has to offer, so much so that I trawl the site for hours, sucked into a weird stalky video click-hole, hopping from one video to the next until I can’t take it any longer. I have to grab a cold glass of Robinsons apple and blackcurrant and lie down until my eyes have stopped bleeding.

It’s an addiction for me. One that eats into my day, preventing me from doing more important things, like drawing crap pictures of famous people or tackling the ongoing battle of mildew on the ceiling of my bathroom.


It’s the funny, obscure videos that keep me coming back for more: some obviously funny; others unintentionally funny; some tragically funny, and sometimes the utter disbelief that these moments in time actually existed, prompting me to replay the clip over and over again no matter how long the ads kick in for. Some videos are just worth waiting for, even if you have watched them back-to-back five times and are now ready for the sixth.

The buzz of unveiling a new piece of comedy gold is also a factor. A new funny I haven’t yet witnessed all up in my eyeballs, an attack of the comedy senses. Find one that’s hilarious AND has a ridiculously low view count and you’re laughing all the more. Like Columbus first setting eyes on the Americas or when Trudie Styler first discovered she could have sex with Sting without having to touch him, the feeling is revelatory and immense.

I mean come on, we’ve all seen ‘Chocolate Rain’ by Tay Zonday and that cat bin lady clip, but no one wants to be that guy sharing ‘Charlie bit my finger’ in 2015. I’m talking about the man with exploding bananas on his face, the all-singing all-dancing astrologers and the even lower rent David Ickes (anyone else think, “Oh gawd what if he’s right!?”). These are the treasures, the money shots.

Uncooked Sausage in a Fred Perry Shirt

There’s a definite thrill that comes with sharing a YouTube clip, and an even bigger thrill if there’s a mutual appreciation of said clip among friends. In fact, discovering new YouTube clips is like discovering amazing niche bands that no one has heard of: you want to keep them to yourself and a select group of friends; you want to be the one that says, “Hey, I found this. Sure, you can show your mates, but remember who showed you this first, yeah?”

As a treat, I’m going to share some videos I consider to be essential viewing: eight of them to be exact (five seems not enough and 10 a bit of a piss take). I see this as part ‘look at how mental YouTubers can be’ and part ‘how the fuck did I manage to waste most of the day I could have spent drawing at least five pictures of Ian Beale getting a pasting from an angry man resembling an uncooked sausage in a Fred Perry shirt?’

8 – Astrology Songs

7 – Dating Advice

6 – Breathing Bag Test

5 – The worst thing I ever saw on Public TV

4 – Action Trailers

3 – Health and Safety

2- The Facial Flex

1 – Bananas exploding on face



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Written by Donna Harle