Written by Standard Issue


Barking up the right tree

Want to celebrate National Dog Day with some videos of dogs doing awesome things? It’s like we’re the same people…

1. Worst obedience contestant ever.


2. Bulldog on a trampoline.


3. Treat balancing.


4. “I love you.”


5. The art of not looking guilty.


6. When there’s not even space for a three-point turn.

When you can’t turn around


7. The scary business of going downstairs.


8. Like if all the shot putters and hammer throwers had to run the 1,500m.


9. Sunglasses. That is all.


10. Just bouncing with the kids.


11. This bath is the best thing ever.


12. Bizkit needs a helmet to sleep in.


13. Raving. Or chasing a fly. Or whatever.


14. Just hanging with the cat.

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15. Don’t fear the mesmerising vine.


16. Don’t stop the music.



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Written by Standard Issue