Written by Mickey Noonan


Back of the (inter)net!

Ah, the world wide web: a source of joy and dicksplashery in equal measure. But so much good stuff gets lost down the back of the virtual sofa. This week, editor Mickey Noonan furtles behind the YouTube cushions.

This truly epic fall involving popcorn.


“They do move in herds.”


Beyond impressive production values.


Dream it. Do it.


Just look at those fat furry hind quarters. Maaaan!


A lesson in commitment.


“Dim-lit shot of dangling balls” isn’t even the best line in this.


Sharkira: absolutely lovely bit of business.


What Whitney would have wanted.


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Written by Mickey Noonan

Aged five, Mickey Noonan shoved an apple pip up her nose to see what happened. Older, wiser but sadly without a nose-tree, Standard Issue's editor remains curious about the world. Likes running, jumping and static trapeze.