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Back of the (inter)net!

Ah, the world wide web: a source of joy and dicksplashery in equal measure. But so much good stuff gets lost down the back of the virtual sofa. This week miming and overdubbing has emerged as an accidental theme.

Peter Serafinowicz injects brilliant sass into Donald Trump’s speeches. All of the words are Trump’s own. Well who else would want them? (There are more where this came from. And they’re worth it.)


Because white people’s feelings in the workplace have been neglected for so long.


The Soul Man does his bit for Japanese food advertising.


Fart Trek.


Bullshit news.


We’ve all been there. Wait, what? Yep. Nope. Have not been there.


Who mimes in a car? Not us. Britney does though.


Ah, Gene.


Hey, sometimes a new haircut provokes a reaction. We get that. But Luna. This is extreme. Poor Jasper.


Dancing in the Street without the tunes. Never gets dull.

Find out what else we’ve fished out from the back of the internet here.

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Written by Standard Issue