Written by Rose Biggin


The 12 Days of Listmas

The countdown to Christmas is on, so Standard Issue asked our readers to inspire our resident list-crackers wonderlady to get writing. On the 11th day of Listmas, Rose Biggin gave to us…

Twelve of my top 12 days of Christmas from The 12 Days of Christmas – requested by Chris Connelly (@TiffCRC)

Listmas 12
Eleven exciting new characters or plot twists to liven up this year’s nativity play – requested by Rob Knight (@rob_knight)

Listmas 11
Ten things cut from the queen’s speech – requested by Hannah Dunleavy (@thatdunleavy)

Listmas 10
Nine things to hide in the christmas pudding – requested by Duncan Gates (@Duncan_Gates)

Listmas 9
Eight lies to tell your children about santa – Kate O’Hara (@1meanhousewife)

Listmas 8
Seven gifts that cost nothing – requested by Peter Scott (@peterscott1965)

Six things on my ideal Xmas TV schedule – requested by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch (@scriblit)

Listmas 6
Five things to buy your boss in the Secret Santa – requested by Sara Nicholls (@NichollsSara)

Listmas 5
Four Reasons to finish that box of mince pies – requested by Gail Whiteley (@gail_whiteley)

Listmas #4
Three excuses for not accepting a proffered mince pie – requested by Gary Bainbridge (@Gary_Bainbridge)

Listmas 3
Two most monstrous/traumatising Christmas decorations – requested by Emma Mitchell (@silverpebble)

Listmas 2
One way to respond to festive conversation topics that you may have no knowledge or interest in – requested by Matt Maloney (@mattmaloney).

Listmas 1@rosebiggin

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Written by Rose Biggin

Rose Biggin writes stories and plays, and once won a poetry slam by accident.