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Annaliza Davis emptied out her bedside table and realised it was a window to her soul.

small key in wooden drawer
Last weekend I had a good rummage around in my drawers and even I was surprised. I wondered whether my contents are commonplace or whether I’m really weird after all.

I mean, what’s the oddest thing you’ve found in your bedside drawers?

Having recently invested in a new bed and ever-conscious that I don’t spring clean enough, I decided it was time to tackle my bedroom.

Out went those dust-gathering articles placed temporarily on bookshelves that never migrate any further (beanbag frog, button, old coins), and then I emptied my bedside drawer onto the floor. Here’s the inventory:

• Eight felt-tipped writing pens in rainbow shades
• Two notebooks, one used regularly, the other blank (it’s too pretty to write in)
• Night cream, lip balm, eye drops, hair clips
• One box of migraine tablets (lifesavers), ibuprofen and paracetamol
• Three different tubes of anti-inflammatory gel
• Two paperclips
• One Kindle
• One gumshield to prevent my teeth from being ground to dust at night
• Nail scissors, four nail files, one small pot of nail varnish
• One tiny screwdriver for fixing glasses (haven’t worn glasses for four years)
• One passport-sized photo of us, taken when we found we were expecting our youngest
• One lump of Blu-Tack for makeshift earplugs (don’t do it, it sticks to your hair)
• One tube of coldsore gel
• One Allen key and one key for bleeding radiators
• Five baby teeth from when I’ve had to be the tooth fairy for my boys
• Oh, and about four random pubic hairs hiding at the back (why are they there?).

It was an odd assortment. I mean, I’m not a big fan of housework and certainly not that in-depth variety involving the emptying of cupboards and the like, but I’m pretty sure I’ve cleaned out that drawer in the last three years. So all those items have gathered over a relatively short time.

“The drawer next to your bed is a curiously intimate place. It’s where we place objects that are close to our heart.”

I looked at this eclectic pile of objects and decided that, bizarre as it was, it was fairly representative of who I am.

The pens and notebooks are because I love writing, for work and for me. Random words pouring out at 3am that seem like a cracking idea for a story or article and must be captured, or sometimes it’s just a chore for the next day, scrawled on my hand.

The face cream, lip balm and nail files are all for female grooming (although those random pubic hairs might suggest a bit more grooming is required). The Kindle is how I relax before collapsing into slumber; the gumshield, migraine tablets and other pills show that this relaxation doesn’t always work. The mini screwdriver, Allen and radiator keys are my minimalist toolkit. Ditto multi-purpose nail scissors.

The passport photo and baby teeth are part of my mum role. The fact that I hang on to them probably points to some psychological reluctance to let go.

The drawer next to your bed is a curiously intimate place. It’s where we keep what we need at hand first thing in the day and last thing at night, but it’s also where we place objects that are close to our hearts, right beside us while we sleep. Tell me if I’m reading too much into this.

I’ve shown you my drawers; what’s in yours?


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Written by Annaliza Davis

Annaliza Davis is run by her own business that involves magazine features, translation and many, many Post-It notes. Finds joy in: tea, pyjamas, family film night, inappropriate jokes and singing along to London Grammar.