Written by Liz Buckley


National Pet Month: Meep Meep

The news that April was to be National Pet Month sent us into a furry spin of extra love for our non­human buddies. In the first of a series of applause for friends with paws, Liz Buckley offers an appreciation of her cat Meep, by way of a photo diary.

Meep the catI first met Meep when he was just five weeks old. So he’s not my real son – I’m not able to conceive cats naturally – but in a wonderful coincidence, he does also have my surname. Here he is, with two of his gorgeous siblings, both called Not­Meep.

Meep 1- five weeks old minus letterboxI chose Meep as I don’t have a garden and his breed is suited to being indoors. I also chose him as he shouted at me and I respond well to confidence. Here he is after he told me to take him home.

Meep being carriedI’m not actually convinced Meep is who he said he is. When I registered him with the vets, I told them the breed he was supposed to be and they weren’t sure, but went with it because Meep is charming. Meep is from Penge so is not to be wholly trusted.

As a young boy, he proved highly intelligent, enjoying watching Tolstoy documentaries on iPlayer.

Meep watching BBC iPlayer on a laptopIt was important to monitor his choice of programmes, however, as not all of them were age- appropriate.

Meep watching Psychoville on the TVAs Meep started to grow into an adventurous young man, there were occasional suggestions that he might want to go outside but nothing was clear on that, so I’m probably wrong.

Meep trying to open a sash window leading to the gardenAnd grow Meep did. And grow, and grow.

Meep as a grown catMeep began to get bigger and bigger until the vet said he was the biggest cat the whole practice had had on record. Meep was very pleased with this news.

Meep smilingSoon Meep was getting as large as a Shetland Pony and people were visibly moved by this. He became the muse for actor and all-round lovely woman Susy Kane, who drew him like one of her French girls.

Pencil drawing of MeepMeep became interested to see what he looked like for himself, such was other people’s fascination with him, but taking a selfie is hard when you have the paws of a small lynx and this was his best attempt, as well as the funniest thing I have ever seen.

A blurred photo of MeepIn order to make sure that Meep is never bored as a house cat, I admit it, he has a lot of things. Including, as some of you will have seen, yes, an iPad and a yurt (NB: ‘Yurt’ is still far funnier in this context than teepee, teepee correctors). Meep is not a spoilt cat though. It’s only a first-generation iPad.

Meep inside his yurt, looking at an iPadI love you, Meep.

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Written by Liz Buckley

Department manager at an independent record company. Liker of Frank Sinatra and Nick Cave. Very sudden laugh. Pasty but tasty. Quite tired.