Written by Rebekah Staton


A Moment’s Peace: The Lamb

Making the most of time by yourself is the mission of Standard Issue’s ever-increasing list of location recommendations to go when you have a moment’s peace. This week, Rebekah Staton gives the nod to her go-to London pub

When the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case, we want to offer you a warm embrace in the form of a cosy, tried and tested location you can retreat to whether you have 10 minutes or a full day to fill.

Whether you need somewhere to work or somewhere to flop; somewhere to be quiet or somewhere to scream, we hope in the coming weeks, some of these suggestions will become your new favourite places.

This week, Rebekah Staton gets herself down to The Lamb, also known as her favourite pub in central London.

Letʼs face it, there are certain times when only a pub will suffice, and somewhere you can feel comfortable and relaxed to go to on your own is always handy to know about.

This place is ideal.

Former patrons include Ted Hughes, Syliva Plath and Charles Dickens, so if you are looking for inspiration, then this place may even offer that too.

Situated on London’s Lamb’s Conduit Street with its wonderful array of shops and boutiques, The Lamb, is perfect for a momentʼs peace… and a great Sunday Roast when you donʼt fancy cooking.

I think itʼs special because itʼs also like stepping back in time.

For mutual fans of all things vintage, this classic Victorian pub has many an original feature preserved.

Outside: pretty etched windows, and fired bricks in dark emerald green. Inside: the giant Victorian Music Box, and the U-shaped bar, with original ‘snob screens’ that would have kept the people in their place. These etched glass partitions are particularly useful these days too, should you ‘vant to be alone’ whilst stood at the bar, beverage in hand.

Itʼs worth mentioning that the food is home cooked and high quality, there is a vast array of ales to keep the pickiest of punters pleasant, and thereʼs a (tiny) garden too.

With a warm and inclusive atmosphere and wooden walls adorned with portraits and caricatures you may even find yourself wanting to put your phone away and enjoy the moment.

Former patrons include Ted Hughes, Syliva Plath and Charles Dickens, so if you’re looking for inspiration, this place may even offer that too.

Address: The Lamb, 94 Lambs Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3LZ
Tel: 020 7405 0713
Website: www.youngs.co.uk/pubs/lamb
Opening times: Monday – Saturday 11am-12am
Sunday 12pm-10.30pm

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Written by Rebekah Staton

Rebekah Staton is that Actress that was in that thing you liked. She lives in London. @RebekahStaton