Written by Anneka Harry


How to have a hit Christmas advert

Feel suffocated by the sentimentality of a Christmas ad? You’re not alone, says Anneka Harry.

Christmas ad screenshotChristmas is coming; the advertising execs’ wallets are getting fat.

Usually, at this time of year, I am more hyperactive about Christmas than Buddy the Elf after a breakfast of spaghetti, maple syrup, marshmallows and M&Ms. This year, I’ve found myself counting the pennies rather than the sleeps and I’m blaming the telly.

As an actor and writer, I have experienced the wonderful world of advertising from both behind and in front of the camera. It’s a tricksy little beast. With Christmas campaigns now so eagerly anticipated, the race is on for advertisers to win our hearts and our overdrafts.

Either the secret Scrooge in me has reared his ugly head or the magic has been suffocated by a consumerism sleet storm.

How to have a hit Christmas advert gives away some of the advertisers’ best kept secrets and reminds us of the perils of (literally) buying into them. And rather than cost seven million, I made this for free (apart from £12.99 on the bottle of Baileys – an essential prop.)



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Written by Anneka Harry

Anneka Harry does comedy and hustling for a living. She smells like thrift shops and ambition. Stalk her here http://www.vivienneclore.com/artiste/anneka-harry/ and @Annekaharry.