Written by Heather B


A handful of things to make makeup bags, happy bags

Make up artist Heather B shares the five bits of kit she wouldn’t die without, but would be pretty scuppered without, job-wise.

As a makeup artist, my job is to make people look and feel fab-u-lous so here are some of my fave tools that come rated and recommended by me, Heather B.
(If I was lost in the outback, then I’d happily swap this core handful of makeup essentials for Steve Backshall… hang on, he’s doing Strictly Come Dancing… Bear Grylls, in the blink of a beautifully curled eyelash.)

1. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, £20
I have one in my professional kit and my personal makeup bag too. These are the best eyelash curlers, fact. Yes, they may seem expensive at £20 but as the saying goes, “you buy cheap, you buy twice”.
Whether it’s the upgraded silicone mushroom shaped pad ‘ooohhh’, or the patented hinges with precise engineering providing the perfect amount of pressure on the lash ‘aaaahhhh’, I don’t know. What I do know is, they curl lashes perfectly and effortlessly every time.

2. Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, £20.95
These bobby dazzlers have won more beauty awards than you can shake an orange stick at. Another staple in both my professional kit and my personal makeup bag.
Yes, again they may seem expensive but accurate tweezing ensues due to their precision blades and easy handling, meaning even the smallest of pesky hairs can be extracted with minimum fuss.
I use them to shape eyebrows, and apply false lashes, however *lowers voice to a whisper* as you may or may not have noticed, after a certain age hairs start to sprout out of places that let’s face it, no hairs should reside on a woman. The chin, for example.
They are wiry and you can almost hear them shouting ‘Ah-HA! You didn’t see me coming did you?’ *lowers voice even further* I swear the other day I found a hair growing out of the side of my face – my cheek no less – that was 2cm long. *shakes fist*

3. Cotton Buds
Always my friend these double tipped multi-taskers. I use them to apply makeup, tidy up makeup, smudge eye makeup (great for that smokey under eye), remove stubborn eye makeup and of course eye goop. Oh come on we all get it.
I use normal sized cotton buds like Johnsons Baby Cotton Buds (95p for 100) and also these little gems, MUJI Fine Stem Cotton Buds (£2.50 for 250). These fine buds are a staple in most pro makeup kits as they are great for precision work around the eye and don’t shed fibres. Nice.

4. Mascara
A lick of mascara frames and opens up the eyes making them pop, hence my eyes are like piss holes in the snow without it. Here are a few of my current kit faves:
Max Factor, False Lash Effect, £10.99
An award-winner, it volumises from the root to the tip and is a great price. I have the normal version in my pro kit and the waterproof one in my personal bag.

Estee Lauder, Sumptuous Infinite , £21
Thickens and lengthens lashes with one application and the ‘black’ colour is really black.

Lancôme, Hypnôse, £22.50
Another award winner. Volumises and separates.

5. Mac Strobe Cream, £24.50 for 50ml, £10 for 30ml.
Want a natural looking highlighter? You got it.
A youthful, all over dewy glow? You got it.
Not just a favourite of mine but of makeup artists the world over. Use it to highlight cheekbones, underneath the brow arch, along the cupids bow or mix a little into foundation for that all over dewy effect. It gives the skin youthful, natural illumination and sheen. I wouldn’t be without it… except of course if I was lost in the outback.

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Written by Heather B

A make-up artist, all round creative consultant and friend. Whoever said ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’ was clearly not a master multi-tasking woman. Made in Yorkshire tha knows, resides in London Town. @HeatherBmakeup