Written by Claire Goodwin


Canine cupcakes worth giving a paw for

As National Pet Month continues to fuel our celebrations of non-human members of households everywhere, Neo mastiff/American Bull Trevor T D Goodwin (four-legged friend of GBBO 2014 contestant, Claire Goodwin) becomes Standard Issue’s first male contributor as he shares his go-to recipe for treats.

Trevor the dog pictured with his cupcakeI’ve got to say, I am partial to the odd cupcake. As a lover of gourmet canine cuisine, I feel we need to widen this market further – as much as a bowl of Wag fills a hole, it’s nothing compared to the taste sensation of the Chewdle.

I like a bit of fusion and technology when creating these recipes, partnering the unexpected. You will see that I have used a whizzy choppy thing, though I did have a little help as my paws couldn’t grip the dial. I’ve tried not to be too fancy though, as I’m aware the majority of dogs will hoover without regard for delicate flavour combinations.
I sous-vided a Bonio and presented it with a Bisto jus for my mate Nigel the Beagle once. He had not one shred of respect for the techniques involved, inhaling it within seconds of me removing the polished silver dome. Anyone would have thought it was a Markie.

But enough of my table manners frustration: here is my recipe for Pork Liver Cupcakes with a dreamy Beef Spread frosting.

Let’s just take a minute and mentally digest that for a moment, shall we? (The non-dogs among you may like to open a window.)

Ready? OK, onwards. This recipe makes around a dozen large portions, which are probably best frozen in bulk and then released individually as and when required/earned. It’s good to add the topping after defrosting.

Now, please bear in mind that I am a mastiff, so my tummy is bigger than those of most of my mates. I know for some of you Chihuahuas out there this portion would offer a year’s supply of treats in one place, so please think about the size of cupcakes you’re making in relation to who’s going to be scoffing them. And be sure to serve with a large bowl of cold water. And a napkin.

Also, be aware that you may need some human help for this. I had to get Mother Goodwin to help out with the whizzy choppy thing. She made noises like we do when we have eaten grass and it hasn’t agreed with us and had to sit down afterwards. Still, it was mesmerising to see that pink slime whirl around and around.

Woof! Woof!


For the liver cake:

trevor3400g pork liver (any liver will do, but I prefer the heady, visceral scent of pork)
400g self-raising flour
4 eggs
150ml milk
Cupcake cases

For the topping:

I use a variety of beef/salmon/chicken salmon spreads, though I ask Mum to check the salt content first. A small jar will do around 4-5 large cupcakes.


Gravy bones…be still my beating heart.


Place the flour, liver and egg in the whizzy choppy thing (food processor) and blitz together on high. Add the milk and whizz more until you have a spongey greyish mix. Try not to put your nose right in there and eat it all raw.

trevor4Spoon into the cases and cook for around 20 minutes on 180⁰C or until a skewer comes out clean.

When cool, spread the paste on the bun and top with some gravy bones.

Preserving them: Put in a sealable bag in the freezer and take out one at a time when needed. Allow to defrost and frost, or dice into small chunks to use as training treats.


End note: Animal lover and new dog owner Sarah Millican attempted to create a liver cake to make her soon-to-be new dog feel at home, and broke her blender. You can read all about it – as well as her account of life before and after the impossibly cute Tuvok moved in – here.

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Written by Claire Goodwin

Claire is a speech therapist, baker, cake decorator, sometime radio guest and writer. She writes about food, being fat and living with mental health problems @bake_therapist; www.baketherapy.co.uk; www.facebook.com/CakeChemistryUK