Written by Roo Green


Bye Roo!

Roo Green is no longer Ignored In Lycra and she’s found a virtual running mate to boot.

Illustration by Louise Boulter.

You don’t need me to tell you the downsides of social media. We’ve all raged about trolls, sighed at not having an Insta-perfect lifestyle and rolled our eyes at those pass-ag Facebook requests (“97 per cent of people won’t repost this, but I know my real friends will…”).

Recently though I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few more moments where I’ve come away from looking at my Twitter feed with a big grin on my face, and it’s all down to the brilliance of the Standard Issue community.

Six months ago I wrote an article about my experiences as a solo runner and how I found it surprising that so many of my fellow joggers were reluctant to acknowledge me. I wasn’t expecting a full-blown pep talk from them, just a nod, smile or wave. Even looking in my general direction rather than pretending I wasn’t there, would do.

Then something lovely happened. Standard Issue reader Claire Thompson read the article and started waving at me on runs. We don’t live close to each other but thanks to the power of social media she found me on Twitter, and then posted a photo of her waving with a friend and added a #hiRoo hashtag.
Since then she’s posted every single time she goes out for a run. She drafts in her wife, friends, dogs and babies for photos. She’s posted at night (wearing a head torch), from abroad (it was a high point when #hiRoo went international) and even found time to do some Prince and Victoria Wood tributes while out. Only she could take out a copy of Woman’s Weekly on a run…

Claire runs a lot more than me, partly because I now mix in walks and HIIT (high-intensity interval training workouts) to keep fit, and partly because she is aiming to run a thousand miles this year (I. KNOW.) so consequently she does a lot more waving than me.

Every time I see one of her photos I beam at my screen, because she and her fabulous cohort have taken the time to do something lovely just for yours truly. And as an added bonus when I go out running now, I’m less grumpy about being ignored because I’m too busy scouting for somewhere quiet to pose for my own waving photo.

It turns out that, like having a shy bladder (where you can’t wee if someone is listening), I have a shy selfie-face and can only wave at my phone if no one else is around.

I’m always admiring Claire’s incredible quiff in photos (it seems to withstand all weathers and distances) and she laughs at my headband, which she says makes me looks like I have a head wound. She doesn’t realise it’s a technique I use to distract the general public from staring at my camel toe. I’m nice like that.

We’re hoping to meet up later in the year to run together and do #hiRooLIVE, although Claire is so fit I am concerned I’ll need medical assistance about a kilometre in. It’ll be the first time I have ever physically run with another person, but I’ve not been a lone runner for a long time thanks to Standard Issue and the simple joy of #hiRoo.


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Written by Roo Green

Roo Green has worked in radio since all this was fields. She loves reading, eating and writing, and blogs at www.roogreen.co.uk. Paisley Park is in her heart.