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A Motherbucket list before big school

Motherhood hasn’t come naturally to Daisy Leverington. Nearly four years in and she remains wide-eyed, terrified and in awe of the little person she’s responsible for. This week she is joined by fellow mother of a pre-schooler Sam Wonfor as they share all the things they want to tick off their to-do list, before and after the big school bell rings in September.

ChildrenDaisy’s things to do over summer:

1. Take her to the zoo.

2. Have a huge water fight. Let her win.

3. Go on a date day. Haircut, cinema, dinner somewhere posh.

4. Lavish her pre-school and gymnastics teachers with gratitude and gifts for giving me some free time over the last few years,

5. Throw an awesome party for her fourth birthday at the end of July. Join in the Superhero fancy dress theme.

6. Read a shed-load of books with her.

7. Get her feet measured for proper school shoes, rather than throwing cheap trainers at her from the other side of Primark.

8. Teach her all the good swear words so she’s not at a disadvantage when she meets her new class.

9. Do pre-school hand and foot prints so we can look back and say “Jesus, she’s always had enormous feet,” like we do with her baby ones.

10. Remind her every day that she is loved, respected, strong and important.

“Drive somewhere with her sitting in the front, Girls Just Want to Have Fun on the stereo, with the windows down and the volume up.”

Sam’s things to do over summer:

1. Watch, sing and dance Grease with her. Even if she’s playing on her iPad for 95 percent of it.

2. Teach her to ride a bike. ‘A purple bike’ was at the top of her Christmas list and she won’t go near the bloody thing.

3. Go a full day without trying to make her realise the world doesn’t revolve around her. Let her think it does for one last time.

4. Teach her how to wipe her arse properly.

5. Buy her a watch and show her how to tell the time. Then teach her how to be fashionably/chaotically late.

6. Go somewhere with both of us dressed as Disney princesses. She’s still smarting over her decision to go to her nursery graduation as a train driver.

7. Drive somewhere with her sitting in the front (ON A BOOSTER SEAT), Girls Just Want to Have Fun on the stereo, with the windows down and the volume up.

8. Take her – and her brother for that matter – to the Farne Islands to see the seals. It’s less than an hour away and we have never been. I am a terrible mother.

9. Try and work out a way I can nick her for an hour every Thursday morning so we can keep going to Piccolo Music classes which have been the soundtrack to our car for eight years.

10. Make sure she knows she is absolutely mint in every department.

Daisy's daughterDaisy’s things to do once she’s at school:

1. Do a 10-minute job in 10 minutes without justifying or explaining at length why I’m doing it.

2. Finally have a shit in peace.

3. Have loud sex in every room. (Of our home, not ALL rooms)

4. Nip to the shop for milk, and only buy milk.

5. Watch horror films during the daytime with the curtains closed and eat a bag of crisps without sharing.

6. Go for hours without speaking.

7. Arrive at work wearing makeup and appropriate clothing, having showered and eaten breakfast. Alarm my co-workers.

8. Read a book. Any book. All the fucking books.

9. Stop feeling guilty about working. Just stop.

10. Miss her beautiful soul like crazy while she’s gone.

“Rewatch The West Wing while I’m cooking in the kitchen. C-Beebies can kiss my cauliflower cheese.”

Sam’s things to do once she’s at school:

1. Have a bath in the middle of the day when the mood takes me. And light a joss stick or two while I’m in there.

2. Only have to worry about doing up my own seatbelt for daytime trips out.

3. Have one really great afternoon nap per term.

Sam's daughter4. Rewatch The West Wing while I’m cooking in the kitchen. C-Beebies can kiss my cauliflower cheese.

5. Blow the dust off the dust off my trainers and use them now and again.

6. Only fill one washing basket at a time.

7. Remember to pick up both children when the hometime bell rings.

8. Find myself a favourite place to sit and read, which has not one screen.

9. Negotiate a child to take to Piccolo Music on Thursday mornings so I can stop crying at the door of Piccolo Music on Thursday mornings.

10. Do my very best to get pregnant in short order.

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Written by Daisy Leverington

Daisy Leverington - Actor, mother, expert at winging it.