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For those already struggling with 'Sober October'

31 Days

sober in October:
it's not what you might think
it doesn't really mean
that you can't have a drink

it simply means that you must be
a model of solemnity
while others cackle, laugh and rave
you must stay steadfastly grave

'til Halloween, no joy or glee
your face uncracked by jollity

to get through this
to be just fine
you're going to need
a lot of wine

so pour a glass
or two or three
and chug them down


Perfect fit

I really love Standard Issue; I fit the profile of non-magazine-buying women exactly and I am thrilled that there is somewhere online that I can read about the stuff that interests me without being bombarded by inane diet tips and insidiously critical pictures of perfectly healthy women.

Weekly wonder

I just wanted to send a message to say how amazing Standard Issue is! I always look forward to the weekly email you send out.

As a woman it's amazing to have so many articles available covering a broad range of topics, by such wonderful contributors.

Many of your articles have moved me and a lot have made me smile. Thank you for doing what you do, and I hope you can do what you do for a long, long time!

Thank you,

Green matters

I've made a quick search on your website for 'environment', 'activism', and 'climate change' and haven't found an article dealing with environmental activism.

I've been an activist for a little while and have just recently realised that most grassroot organisations and events I've been a part of have been led by women. Climate change is and will disproportionately affect women, especially in the third World, and there's plenty of women fighting, and fighting successfully, for their right to a safe environment. Point being, climate change is a very gendered issue and should be talked about as such.

I'm not a comedian or an artist, but I'm a researcher and an activist and would love to see environmental activism featured in your magazine.

PS Absolutely love Standard Issue. Mainstream press can be a vile thing and it's wonderful to see women take matters in their own hands.

Quiz queen

Hi there. Just wanted to say how great you are! I heard about you from a friend recently, and have been telling everyone I know about you. I love the range of articles, the lack of a comments section, the smart articles (just finished the Calais one and found a donation hub one mile from where I live!)

Most of all I adore the quizzes! Really interesting and smart. I loved the one on historical queens. I loved the Gigcast too!

Thank you to all for a wonderful magazine. I was told yesterday by a man that you couldn't be a magazine because you aren't in paper format. Has that been addressed? Then I can say, I told you so!

Thanks again for a great read.

"Coercive control is more common than you would think"

I've just finished reading the anonymous article about emotional abuse and it was like reading my own experience, word for word. I'm actually shaking at my desk as I write this.

I spent three years with an abuser who, to the outside world, seemed caring and charismatic. This includes an almost identical incident that the author described that "lurks in the corner of [their] mind". Thankfully, I escaped my emotionally abusive ex and had counselling but I'm grateful that the author wrote the article to show other women (and men) that coercive control is more common than you would think.

Thank you for shining a light on this. It makes a huge difference.

Seeing pink

Oh Cath Janes! Finally someone who doesn't think that the craft world either revolves around everything that is pink or the other end of the spectrum of shock tactics!

There is a place in the world for greens and blues and turquoises and non- flowery/ditsy patterns but it is damned difficult to find!

I make crafts to raise funds for charity and, having got fed up with paper crafting because of the endless flowers and butterflies, I moved into jewellery making. My horror is when I ask what sells best, I'm told anything pink! Help!!

Are we experiencing a retrograde rebellion by a generation who were brought up by parents /grandparents of my generation of flower power/sex and drugs and rock and roll and anything goes, or did we fail them miserably and handed over responsibility to the merchandising community who have never moved out of the forties and fifties in their pink and blue stereotypes?

In my book, pink doesn't or shouldn't exist except to make a statement and clash with pillar box red! Keep fighting the fight for all of us non-traditional colour crafters!
Elaine Gardner