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The hounds of Bush

So Kate Bush said Theresa May was wonderful. Calm yourselves down, says Sooz Kempner.

Hounds of love cover

Katebusting: not everyone was as thrilled as these dogs by Bush’s endorsement of our current PM. Photos: EMI.


Kate Bush has ‘come out’ in an interview praising Theresa May. She said May was the best thing to happen to the country in a long time and that she’s really intelligent and that it’s great to have a woman in charge of the country. And people have lost their fucking shit over it.

Here are some of the reaction styles popping up on social media:

1. People doing Home Alone faces at the idea of Kate Bush being a Tory.

2. People vilifying her for her words.

3. People vilifying those vilifying her for her words.

4. People vilifying anyone who so much as disagrees with her words because we should all respect her opinion, which means agreeing with it totally or saying nothing at all.

5. People deciding what her words mean (someone on Twitter told me, “She just thinks a woman in power is good, that’s all, that’s not Tory, Jesus!”).

In a world where Queen’s Brian May is a lefty socialist badger-saving Corbynista it does seem pretty bizarre that Kate Bush thinks Theresa May is a legend but it shouldn’t massively surprise anyone. Casting no aspersions apart from a tiny bit, she’s from a moneyed background and holes herself up in a big castle most of the time. Her music is ethereal, folkloric, spiritual and passionate but rarely even vaguely political.

Waking the Witch, a track from Hounds of Love, is apparently about our inherent fear of a woman in power, something I totally agree is ‘a thing’. I don’t think most people are shitting themselves over Theresa May because she’s a lady though (Hillary Clinton’s a different matter, amiright?), it’s probably more to do with *lists 7,000 things Theresa May has done that are frankly terrifying*.

“Kate Bush can be as Tory as she damn well pleases. She can run for party leader if she fancies. In fact, I wish she would ‘cos PMQs would be hysterical.”

I should probably come to a point. Here it is: should Kate Bush be condemned because she doesn’t share the views of liberal Twitter? And the answer is (obviously) nope. Of course she shouldn’t.

We live in a nation where we are lucky enough to have free speech, so Kate is totally entitled to vocalise her love for Theresa May. And free speech also means people are entitled to vocalise that they disagree with her. Respecting an opinion doesn’t mean shutting the hell up when somebody says something you disagree with; healthy debate is awesome.

I’m a total riot, so when I found out Kate hearted May I tweeted, “Just found out Kate Bush is a Tory and now I’m like “Wowowowowow unbelieeevable!” I know, right – satirical genius. That’s literally all I said but very quickly several random tweeters who had obviously searched for mentions of Kate Bush went after me for trying to silence her.

the kick inside cover

This is how Kate Bush travels to the polling station, right?

One announced that the left are always silencing the right. This is an especially odd thing to read because the right appears to be shouting pretty bloody loud these days, but I digress; at no point was I trying to silence Kate Bush. She can be as Tory as she damn well pleases. She can run for party leader if she fancies. In fact, I wish she would ‘cos PMQs would be hysterical.

No, we do not get to abuse Kate Bush for declaring Theresa May to be “wonderful”. Challenging this opinion (or making crap puns based on song-titles) isn’t an attack, a vilification or an attempt to silence. It’s just exercising a bit of free speech.

I’m still going to play Kate Bush albums loud and proud on my iPod and I will still backcomb my hair and open my eyes reeeeal wide for photos because she is a frickin’ idol of mine. Leave Kate alone, enjoy the music and also think whatever the darn heck you want about our current PM’s leadership. How’s THAT for running up that hill?


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Written by Sooz Kempner

Funny Women Variety Award Winner 2012. ASDA Kate Bush.