Written by Sarah Millican

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The good, the bad and the Twitter

Starting today, the 10th anniversary of the founding of the social network, we’re asking our contributors for their tweeting experiences – good, bad and proper weird. First up, Sarah Millican on what she’s learned from Twitter.

iPhoneWithout Twitter:

• I would never have found out what I’m as funny as (cancer, AIDS etc)

• I would never have discovered what is unacceptable about my physical appearance

• I would never have realised how awful my voice is

• I would have fewer self-esteem wobbles and little cries

• I would never have been able to bring lonely people together on Christmas Day (#joinin)

• I would never hear about that person who laughed so hard in my show they got a headache

• I would never hear about that person whose friend died the day they came to my show and I made two hours bearable for them

• I would never know how many brilliantly, funny and charming people exist out there

• I would never know how many fucking awful people exist out there

• I would never have met and become good friends with Jojo Moyes

• I would be bored on trains

• I would have very dull shits

• I would have to go door to door to tell people about this here awesome magazine

• I would never have met Richard Drummie from Go West (and I have)

• My friends would think I’d died

• My dad wouldn’t know I’m alive between phone calls

• I would have to send photos of my pets to my friends by Royal Mail

• I would have to actually read a newspaper to find out what’s going on in the world

• I would never know quickly which celebrity has died

• I would never be able to just ask Nigella if my meringues look OK

• I would laugh less

• I would see far fewer funny videos and gifs (but not none, obviously)

• I would feel more lonely when on the road

• I would never see pictures of children that look like me

• I would get a lot of time back.


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Written by Sarah Millican

Sarah Millican is a comedian, writer, reformed workaholic, feminist, cat and dog mam, wife and lover of food.