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To kiss on the lips or not? Oh do fuck off

A mother wishing her daughter a happy fifth birthday with a kiss on the chops has started its own trend on Twitter. In the real world. Proud daughter-kisser Daisy Leverington asks, what the fuck is going on?

Victoria Beckham's Instagram post with her daughter Harper: not everyone was so polite.

Victoria Beckham’s Instagram post featuring her daughter Harper: not everyone was so polite.

Apparently this week some people made time in their busy lives to respond to a photo online.

Not a photo of the smoking remains of Syria, not Boris Johnson’s face as he was put in charge of the Secret Intelligence Service, not a photo of a drowned refugee, oh no. Something much worse. A mum kissing her daughter and wishing her happy birthday.

I KNOW!! My pitchfork is twitching as I write this.

Victoria Beckham, while not someone whose fashions will fit a big bird like myself, fails to stir up any amount of hatred in me. Maybe it’s all the actual news I’m reading at the moment. Her Instagram photo of her giving five year-old Harper a kiss on the lips has kicked off like her husband from the halfway line.

Among the thousands, yes that’s thousands, of written mutterings below the post are scores of well-meaning folk, calling into question the reasons behind the kiss, and words like ‘icky’ and ‘creepy’ have found their way onto comments sections the world over. Some have suggested that the photo has overtly sexual overtones.

If I facepalmed any harder to this utter drivel my eyes would fall out. Honestly. A mum and daughter kissing. A little girl, on her birthday, getting a kiss from someone who loves her innocently, parentally and unconditionally.

My little lass is the same age, and if anyone would like to take the time to report me for a sex crime, go right ahead. I kiss her on the lips every day. Every single day. It’s never occurred to either of us that it’s wrong, or that we shouldn’t, or that other people’s opinions of how we say goodbye at the school gates matter in the slightest.

I blow raspberries on her belly, I squidge her chunky bum cheeks, and we take baths together. It’s totally normal.

To suggest that a kiss between a mum and baby is in any way sexual is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. I guarantee that the mum is fully aware of what IS sexual.

“My little lass is the same age, and if anyone would like to take the time to report me for a sex crime, go right ahead. I kiss her on the lips every day. Every single day.”

Guess what I did to my daughter? I shoved my tits into her mouth eight times a day for a year! I really did! She sucked them saggy, and not once did I get the feeling that one day it might lead to marriage.

Are we really a group of people who spend our time leaving nasty comments and accusations of such a heinous crime on an Instagram photo? Could we not somehow spend our time more wisely, maybe volunteering for a charity which works with real victims of sexual assault?

That would involve effort though, and commitment, and lack of anonymity. They would have to back it up and give a reasonable account of that person’s ‘crime’, and ultimately report it. Because that’s what you do if you see a person committing child abuse. You call the police, and quickly.

Meanwhile, my daughter will be grabbing my cheeks at the school gate and planting a sticky smacker on my lips… and until she shoves me away and shouts, “Mum, stop it, you’re like SO embarrassing!” I’ll keep returning as many kisses as I can. Because I love her.

Now if anyone would like to comment on that, just think it quietly in your head, and use the time you were going to spend writing a horrible reply to read the news, and worry about something that matters.

The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket, so get those gorgeous little kisses in while you still can.


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Written by Daisy Leverington

Daisy Leverington - Actor, mother, expert at winging it.