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Happy Birthday, Mr President

Barack Obama is 55 today, so we’ve been looking back over the past eight years for those times he’s made us laugh, cry or just bang our hands together with glee.

1. When he took the piss out of Donald Trump and the Birther movement at The White House Correspondents’ Dinner:

2. When he introduced us to his inner anger, “Luther”:

3. When he threw his weight behind gay marriage:

4. When he invited the cast of Hamilton to perform at the White House:

5. When he and Jimmy Fallon ‘slow-jammed’ the news:

6. When he sang Amazing Grace during his eulogy for Rev Clementa Pinckney:

7. When he played Daniel Day Lewis playing himself in a Stephen Spielberg film:

8. When he and Carole King got all excited watching Aretha Franklin:

9. Why he went all Mister Miyagi on some fly’s ass:

10. When he told his kids if they got a tattoo, he and Michelle would get the same ones:


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Written by Various Artists

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